AirPods Case Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

You just finished using your AirPods and you decided to charge them because they have no battery left. You placed them in the case and left them alone. A few hours later, you reached for your AirPods to use them again only to discover that the battery is still at 0% because the AirPods case has not been charging all along.

Being unable to charge the AirPods is a frustrating problem that many Apple AirPod owners have faced at one point. It can make you blow a fuse, especially if you really need it to listen to your favorite audio or make a crucial video call.

airpods case not charging

In this guide, you will learn the different causes of AirPods’ case not charging and how to fix them.

AirPods Not Charging: Likely Causes

There are various reasons your AirPods case may be refusing to charge. Let’s run through the different causes of AirPods not charging.

1. Incompatible charger

The Apple AirPods case works with chargers that meet a specific voltage and amperage requirement. Because Apple has stopped including chargers in their products, most people opt for third-party chargers. When people use these chargers, they may end up shorting their iOS devices.

2. Faulty cable

Similar to chargers, third-party lightning cables can damage your AirPods. If your AirPods case isn’t charging, the lightning cable might be the issue but if you’re using the branded cable, it could be damaged in its internal wiring.

3. Dirty connector

Sometimes, the problem lies in the connector of the cable, which may have accumulated dirt or foreign objects. This typically leads to partial contact or complete disruption of power transfer.

4. Software glitch

Tthere could be a bug causing a problem in the operating system, thus preventing the case from getting charged. Reddit users have been creating threads for some time about this issue.

5. Hardware issues

In the worst-case scenario, your AirPods case may be broken and damaged. In this case, you will need to purchase new ones.

6. Faulty power strip or outlet

If your AirPods case is plugged into an extension, it may be that the outlet is loose and this is leading to loss of connection.

7. Outdated firmware

Like every other device, AirPods case firmware comes with bugs that may affect the smooth running of the device. Users who fail to update their AirPods case to the latest version may face charging issues.

AirPods Case Not Charging: How to Fix

Now that we have identified the different causes of AirPods’ case not charging problem, let’s explore the possible solutions so you can fix the problem and resume enjoying your AirPods.

1. Change your lightning cable

Some people find that changing their lightning cable does the trick for them. If you’re unsure whether or not the fault lies with the cable, plug the cable into another device such as your iPhone or iPad. If the lighting bolt appears over your device battery, then the charging cable is still functional. Connect the charging cable back to your AirPods charging case and make sure that the connection on both ends is secure.

However, if nothing happens when you plug the cable into your other devices, then there’s a good chance that your lightning cable has a short and you may need to buy a new one.

2. Use a QI certified charger

If you lost your original AirPods charger and now you’re using a third-party charger, you may experience failure to charge problems. Not all chargers are designed to fit the requirements of your AirPods case, so consider investing in a QI-certified charger.

3. Clean the case’s charging port

If you have tested your lightning cable and your AirPods case isn’t charging still, the problem might be with the charging port of your AirPods. It’s not uncommon for charging ports to get lint and dirt stuck in them, especially if you always keep the case in your jeans. Try and check the ports to see if there’s any dirt or foreign object in them. If there is, you will need to eliminate the buildup.

When it comes to cleaning their charging port, some people use a wet object or metal but this is a bad idea as it may lead to a short circuit and may even break your AirPods case for good. To clean the port, get a toothpick, a microfiber cloth, or a cotton swab and scrape the dirt out. Be sure that the port is completely free from the buildup and then connect the cable to the case. All things being equal, the charging problem should be fixed but if this doesn’t happen, you can try the next step.

4. Stop using an extension

Have you been using extension cords when trying to plug your AirPods charging case in? If your answer is yes, try switching to a wall socket. Sometimes, an extension may be faulty but this is not so obvious as it seems to work well for other devices. In this instance, the extension is probably stopping your case from charging. Once you have plugged it into a wall socket, there will be no deficit of current while charging and the case should start charging.

5. Update your AirPods firmware

Has it been a while since you updated your AirPods? Updating your AirPods firmware may just fix the charging failure. Apple is constantly releasing new patches and updates to their AirPods lineup and there’s a good chance installing the new software update may have a positive impact.

The process of updating all Apple products is usually easy and automatic but you can, manually update your AirPods. Don’t know to update the firmware? Here’s what to do:

  • Insert the AirPods in their case if they aren’t already and connect the case to a power outlet or the wireless charging pad.
  • Now move the iPhone paired with the case near each other, and make sure that your iOS device has an internet connection.
  • Apple will automatically scan for newly available updates and flash the new firmware
  • You can check if your firmware is updated by navigating to Settings > General
  • Now tap on About > AirPods to check the firmware.

6. Reset your AirPods case

Although software updates are meant to fix existing issues, you may find that the update also has some issues or bugs. In this situation, it is recommended to factory-reset the AirPods case. Resetting your AirPods case is a troubleshooting tip that should clear the operating system, which could fix the charging process.

Before you reset the case, Apple recommends you disconnect it from your device by following these steps.

  • Put the AirPods in the charging case and close the lid. Re-open the lid after some seconds.
  • Remove the AirPods from your device. To do this, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the info inco next to your AirPods.
  • On the AirPods info page, select ‘Forget This Device’ and tap on the prompt to confirm your action.

Now you can go ahead to reset the AirPods case. Here’s how to reset the AirPods case::

  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case
    leave the button when the status light flashes amber and then flashes white
  • The battery case should be able to charge right now.
  • It’s important to note that resetting your AirPods case is a solution that has worked for many people but try to follow the fixes above first before you resort to this step.

7. Return the AirPods

Finally, if everything fails and your AirPods case is under warranty, you should take it to the Apple store and have it replaced. This would save you the trouble of trying to fix the problem and you can easily get back to enjoying your AirPods again. For many people, this is going to be the most practical solution.

However, if you’re no longer under warranty, it’s still a good idea to take the AirPods case to the Apple store and see what a genius tells you. Geniuses are professionals that have been trained to handle problems with Apple devices. You might have to pay a fee but you’re assured that you will be getting a fixed AirPods case.

AirPods Case Not Charging But AirPods Are

If your AirPods are charging but the AirPods case is refusing to charge, it’s obvious that the problem lies with the case’s charging system and not with your AirPods themselves. In other words, the parts that allow the case to charge the AirPods are working just fine and the only problem is the charging system of the case.

The first thing to do is to rest the AirPods case and you can do that by following the steps outlined above. However, if that doesn’t work, you may want to inspect every component of your case’s charging system for possible damage. In this instance, these components include the charger, lightning cable, and outlet. You should be able to trace the fault and apply any of the fixes above.

AirPods Case Not Charging – No Light

Ideally, the status light should come on for several seconds when you connect the lightning cable to the power source and the AirPods case. If this doesn’t happen, reposition the case. If your case still isn’t charging, try charging with the cable that came with your case.

AirPods Case Not Charging to 100

Another common complaint by users is that their AirPods case doesn’t charge up to 100 percent. The solution is to update the firmware but if this doesn’t work, consider resetting the case. Remember to disconnect the case from your device first. This should resolve the problem.