Apple TV Keeps Turning Off: How to Fix

Since its launch, the Apple TV has gained the attention of many people. With this device, anyone can stream content from various platforms.

Although the Apple TV has great features, it has a major problem. According to some of its users, the box might go off without giving any warning. However, there are several ways to deal with this problem.

In this article, we will show you these solutions and the best ways to use them with your Apple TV. If you are ready, let’s get started.

apple tv keeps going off

Apple TV Keeps Turning Off? Try These Fixes

Now here are the best tips for fixing an Apple TV box that goes off.

1. Check the Power Source

Before taking your Apple TV box for repairs, take a quick look at its power supply. When it comes down, the “auto-off” problem might be due to a poor electrical connection.

With this in mind, push the plug of the Apple TV properly into the socket. Then ensure that the wires of the plug are not frayed or burnt. Supposing you notice any signs of damage, then you might have to call a certified technician to get things fixed.

2. Power Cycle Your Apple TV

Does your Apple TV still go off? If yes, then you might have to power cycle the Apple TV. If carried out properly, then you should be able to improve the performance of your Apple TV box.

There is nothing much to performing a power cycle. Simply unplug the device from the wall outlet for 3 minutes. Then insert the plug into the wall outlet.

3. Try iTunes

Asides from being a great app for discovering music, iTunes allows you to fix an Apple TV box that goes off unexpectedly. If you prefer this method, you should use the following steps:

  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the TV with a PC.
  • Open the Finder on your computer.
  • Choose Apple TV from the sidebar.
  • Choose Restore

4. Try a Good Old Reset

With a reset, you can fix an Apple TV that does not stay ON for long. To get started, enter the Settings option on the Apple TV. Then head to the System tab and choose Reset.

As with most electronics, a RESET can solve an auto-shut problem within minutes. But if the issue lingers, then you can use another hack to fix your Apple TV.

5. Update Your Apple TV

Using older firmware can result in a glitchy Apple TV box. But if you upgrade the software, you should expect the “auto-off” problem to stop.

To perform a reset,

  • Connect the box to a reliable network and power source
  • Head to Settings -> System -> Software Updates -> Update Software
  • Select Click on Download and Install
  • Wait for the box to restart

6. Contact the Apple Repair Centre

If your Apple TV box does not still run without going off, then you should take the device to a certified Apple repair store. At this location, you should get the right steps for dealing with an Apple TV that always turns itself off. Here, you can also fix tons of iPhone problems.

Supposing you are not sure of the address of the store, try performing an online search. When you find one, go through the reviews before investing your money.