Arctis 7 Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

The Arctis 7 is a solid device that will deliver great audio and convenient use for your entertainment. However, your Arctis 7 could stop charging just like any portable electronics. There are a few reasons for this which could be down to either a software or hardware issue.

arctis 7 not charging

Arctis 7 Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

When it comes to the Arctis 7, the most common cause of charging issues would be the USB charger. This is most common within the first few years of use. If you’ve been using the headset for a while then you should be looking towards a battery change.

Below, you will find all the possible reasons behind your Arctis 7 not charging as well as the fixes to apply.

Software Glitch

While a hardware problem is mainly the cause behind the Arctis 7 not charging, something as simple as a software glitch could be the problem. This is most likely if the headset is still new but you should also ensure you rule out this problem regardless of the age of the headset. You might want to try this first before checking the battery or replacing the USB cable.

According to several Arctis 7 users, the headset could turn off and the LED indicator on the device will turn red. When this happens, there will be no audio output from the headset. You might take this as a problem with the battery and try to charge, however, the battery levels will not go up.

This is due to a software glitch that can be fixed by turning the headset off using the reset buttons.

To reset the headset, take off the earmuff that has the microphone inside. When you do this, you will find a small hole with a reset button inside it. Inside a pin or thumbtack inside the hole to reset the headset. When done, the LED indicator will disappear and the device will be disconnected from the receiver. You should plug the headset to charge and see if it works.

Change Cable

If resetting the headset doesn’t work, then you might want to check the charging cable. This is one of the most common hardware problems with portable electronics. You can easily notice the cable is faulty by checking for fraying or any signs of damage on the length. If you don’t notice any, then you should check the cable head. If everything seems to be in perfect order, check if the cable makes a tight fit as before. There are chances that this won’t happen as the cable head expands with consistent use.

Getting a new cable will cost you a few dollars depending on where you purchase it from but you shouldn’t go for this offer just yet. If you have a spare cable that is compatible with the Arctics 7, try to charge the device with the spare option. If things are back in order, then you can conclude it is a cable problem and start shopping for a replacement. If the new cable doesn’t work, you might want to also switch the power adapter or power source to see if it also works.

Check the Charging Port

Rather than the USB cable, you could be dealing with a port issue. This is more serious as you would be less likely to get a replacement port. To confirm there is a problem with the charging port, try different USB cables and power adapters, if nothing works, then you will have to inspect the charging port for damage. Check to see if you will find any dirt or debris in the charging port. Simply cleaning the charging port could solve the problem as the dirt might be blocking the connection.

If cleaning the charging port doesn’t solve the problem, then you might want to ask SteelSeries for a replacement order. This might still be covered by your warranty. If not, then you will have to get to a repair center. If the charging port has been damaged, then you will have to get it replaced. You might want to consider your options here. Will the new charging port last as long as you want even though it costs way less than a new headset? If you’ve been using the Arctis 7 for a while you might want to consider ordering a new one.

Replace the Battery

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 runs on lithium-polymer batteries that will provide up to 24 hours of use on a single charge. These batteries are considered more rigid and lightweight than lithium-ion battery types. However, there is the problem of the memory effect issue.

With continuous use, the gel-like material used in their build gets harder resulting in a shorter lifespan. This might not be a problem for most gamers using the headset but it means a problem like Arctis 7 not charging could mean that the battery will be due to a change.

You should take out the old battery and check the specs and dimensions before shopping around for a replacement. Before removing the battery from the headset, you might want to take lessons from YouTube tutorials so you don’t end up damaging the headset. You might want to take it to the repair center and have a professional open it up and replace the battery.

How to Charge the Arctis 7 Properly

To charge the head, connect the micro-USB cable to the charging port on the head and plug the other end into a USB adapter. The power button has four colors that will determine the battery level.

  • Green = 100-50%
  • Yellow = 49-20%
  • Red = 19-10%
  • Red (fast blink) = 9-1%

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been using your Arctis 7 for a while and you notice that the headset is unable to hold a charge, you might have to plan towards a battery replacement. You might want to consider replacing the entire headset rather than going for a battery replacement or repairing the charging port. A faulty USB cable is a simpler problem that will cost only a few dollars to fix or you can just switch to a spare USB cable.