Aria Scale Not Syncing: Causes & Fixes

The Aria is one of the best scales you can find in the industry. It not only measures your weight but helps you to keep track of it which makes it handier than many other scales on the market. However, it does not come without hiccups. One of the main problems most users face is the Aria Scale not syncing when everything seems in order.

aria scale not syncing

Aria Scale Not Syncing: Likely Causes & DIY Fixes

Here are causes and fixes to the Aria not syncing problems you’re experiencing.

Likely Cause 1: Not Paired Properly

While the most likely cause of the aria not syncing is due to Wi-Fi signal strength, it could be due to poor pairing during setup. It is important to follow the instructions as they are provided to prevent issues later on.

If you notice that the Aria scale is not syncing and you have a strong Wi-Fi signal, then you might want to reset the Aria scale and reconnect it.  This is a simple process that won’t take a lot of time and would prevent syncing problems in the future.

Solution: Reset the Fitbit Aria scale

Resetting the Fitbit Aria scale is a simple process that would take just about five minutes. This solves most problems with the device, as long as you’re not experiencing a technical problem.

Step 1: Go to the Fitbit website

To reset the Fitbit Aria, you will have to visit the Fitbit website. When the website loads, you will have to log into your mobile account. Click “Continue”.

Step 2: Restart the Fitbit Aria Scale

Get your Fitbit scale and take out the batteries. Wait for 10 seconds before putting the batteries back in. Once back in, the screen on the scale will display the name of your network, followed by the message “Tap to change: Press both bottom corners of the scale firmly with both hands at the same time. Do this for a couple of seconds. After a while, the message “Set up active” will appear on the screen. However, if this message doesn’t appear and your screen remains blank or you get another message, then repeat the entire step 2.

Step 3: Set Up Your Fitbit AriaSacle

If you get the “Set up active” message in Step 2, then your Fitbit Aria scale is now reset and can be connected to a network again. Follow the instructions on the screen of your computer to set up the scale.

Likely Cause 2: Fitbit Scale Not Linked to Fitbit App

If you’re a first-time user, there are chances you’re still learning the ropes and you don’t know how things work yet. You might want to connect your Fitbit scale to your Wi-Fi immediately and get your readings, however, for the Fitbit scale to work, store your readings, and sync properly, it must be connected to your Fitbit app. Through your Fitbit app, you can personalize your settings and get access to additional features.

If your Aria scale is not syncing, you might want to check if it is linked to the app.

Solution: Link Your Fitbit Scale to Your Fitbit App

To use the Fitbit scale on your app, they must both be linked. This is where you set up the network and your readings can be stored on the app.

Step 1: Install the Fitbit App on Your Smartphone

The first step is to install the Fitbit app on your smartphone device. If you’ve already installed the device and you own a Fitbit account, you can skip to Step 3. If not, then install the right app for your smartphone’s operating system. If you’re using an iPhone device, you will have to go to the app store. If you’re using an Android device, then you will have to install the app using Google Play. Windows devices will find the app on the Windows store.

Simply search for the Fitbit app on your respective app store, then download and install the app.

Step 2: Create an account with Fitbit

With the app installed on your smartphone, you will have to create a Fitbit account. Open the app and register your account by clicking “Join Fitbit” Follow the instructions and provide your information. with your account setup and confirmed, you can move to the next step

Step 3: Connect your Fitbit Aria to the App

Keep the Fitbit app open. Now click the “account” button at the bottom right in your account. Press “+ Set up a device”. Select the Fitbit Aria from the list. Continue clicking until you’re asked to log in via your browser.

Step 4: Log into your Fitbit account.

Go to your mobile browser and log into your personal Fitbit account. You will have to provide a random name for your scale and enter your initials.

Step 5: Put your Fitbit Aria in the set-up mode

Get your Fitbit Aria scale, and open the battery covers. Remove the plastic tab so that the batteries make contact. If you’ve done this before, and you already have the batteries in the scale, then disconnect the batteries and wait for at least 10 seconds, before replacing it.

Step 6: Connect your Fitbit Aria to your Wi-Fi Network

Lastly, you will have to link the scale to your wireless network. To do this, switch between the screen in the browser and the settings screen of your smartphone.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and choose the network that starts with Aria
  • Return to your browser and you will find that you’ve been connected. Press “I’m connected” to continue.
  • A long list of wireless networks will appear in a few seconds. Find and choose your own network, enter the required password and press “submit”
  • Go back to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and select your own network.
  • Go back to the screen in your browser and press “I’m connected”.
  • This is the final step. You will find a success message which means you’ve successfully connected your Fitbit Aria to your Wi-Fi network.