Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging: Causes and Fixes

The Arlo Solar panel is an important accessory for Arlo devices. When it comes down to it, this tool harvests power from natural light to run Arlo cameras. As expected, this panel promises enough energy for the batteries.

But some users complain about their panels not working perfectly. When they have this problem, the batteries perform poorly.

Before getting a new Arlo solar panel, you can fix the old one. If you are not sure about how to carry out this task, you can use this post.

arlo solar panel not charging

Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging: Causes and Fixes

Below are various reasons why your Arlo solar panel might not be working properly. Also, we have listed possible solutions to the problem.

1. Faulty Solar Panel

As the solar panel stays outside, it can be exposed to hailstones and other hard materials. When hit with these objects, the panel might end up with cracks or dents. In this condition, the Arlo solar panel will not charge properly.

If you notice any damage to the surface of the panel, you will have to replace the entire unit. To get a new panel, visit trusted Arlo dealerships in your area.

2. Poor Weather

In snowy or rainy weather, solar panels do not receive the right amount of light needed to power their cells. So if you live in areas with such conditions, there is a high chance that your solar panel will not charge efficiently.

As you cannot change the weather, you might have to look for alternative power sources. If you are looking for a suitable alternative, ask the Arlo customer desk for extra advice.

3. No Batteries

Although it isn’t a common problem, some users might forget about the batteries needed to power the Arlo device. When you try to charge such items, the solar panels will not work.

Before restoring the charge on Arlo batteries, ensure that they are fixed into the unit. Remember to place them properly for an effective boost.

4. Drained Battery

Excess usage can draw the energy from the Arlo battery. Even if you charge the battery, the speed at which it boosts might be slower than the rate at which it drains. Overall, the solar panel might look as if it’s not charging.

You can handle this problem by reducing your use of the camera. If it rests for a day or two, the battery should return to full capacity without much fuss.

5. Very Cold Weather

To make the device safe, Arlo allows its batteries to stop charging at temperatures lower than 32°F. At this point, the solar panel would almost be useless.

Instead of sticking to the panel, you will have to look for an alternative power source for your camera. To avoid any damage to the camera, ask the Arlo customer desk for suitable charging devices.

6. Poor Positioning

To get a good charge from the Arlo battery, you should expose it to direct sunlight. If you depend on a small amount of natural light, the battery will not get an ideal charge.

As you are setting up the panel, keep it from shaded areas. Also, remove any obstacles that stop the light from reaching the cells. Then make sure it faces the sun while maintaining a perfect tilt.

7. Wrong Connection

When you set up the Arlo camera, you might have messed up the wires. As expected, this improper setup can ruin any attempts at charging the battery.

To make the panel work, remove the connected wires and check for debris and blockages.

8. Dirty Panel

As you use the solar panel, it becomes home to dirt and dust. If you do not wipe out the mess, the buildup will block light from reaching the cells.

Luckily, it does not take much to clean out a dirty Arlo panel. You can start by applying to brush out the debris with a soft bristle brush. Then clean the leftover mess with a few drops of window cleaning liquid and a soft cloth. If you can’t find the window cleaner, use a solution of dishwashing liquid and water.

9. Your Solar Panel Might Be Defective

While designing its solar panels, Arlo ensures that they are durable and offer high-end performance. However, a few units might be faulty and end up in stores. Others can even become damaged during delivery. When you use such devices, you might spend hours charging the camera and still stay at 0%.

Instead of repairing these devices, contact the Arlo customer service desk and lay a complaint. Normally, they should offer a replacement for the damaged one.

Tips for Taking Care of Arlo Solar Panels

If you want to get the best results from your Arlo solar panels, you will have to maintain these devices. Now here are some easy ways that you can extend their service life.

1. Clean the Panels Regularly

With regular cleaning, you can make your solar panel last longer than expected. Avoid any damage by brushing the debris before using a soft cloth and mild soapy solution. As you wipe the panel, use straight strokes.

2. Install the Panels Properly

Setting up the Arlo solar panel does not require many steps. But if you can’t install this item, reach out to the company’s customer service desk to provide a professional for the job.

3. Purchase Original Ring Products

A fake Arlo solar panel will not offer enough power to charge batteries. To avoid wasting cash on such items, shop at approved Arlo dealers. If you don’t know how to find these merchants, reach out to the Arlo Customer service center.

4. Contact the Custome Service Desk

If you have any issues with using the Arlo solar panel or any questions about the product, contact the Arlo customer service center. After all, this channel offers the best advice concerning this product. Moreover, it also helps with getting a new solar panel or any other accessory with ease.