AT&T TV Remote Not Working: How To Fix It

Your AT&T TV remote control has stopped working. You cannot afford to miss that new show or the football match you have been anticipating. You realize you need to fix the AT&T remote or miss out on watching your favorite programs. But how, you ask? You’re about to learn how.

AT&T TV Remote Not Working: Likely Causes

at&t tv remote not working

Low batteries: The most likely reason your AT&T TV remote stopped working is low batteries. Press the AT&T button at the top of your remote control; if the button does not shine brightly, then you need to change your batteries. Whether the batteries for your remote are AAA or AA, you need to replace them with new and high-quality batteries.

Signal interference: Battery radios and smartphones among other wireless devices can cause interference with the signals emitted by your remote control, affecting how your TV responds. Remove wireless devices far from your TV and away from your remote when using it to solve the problem. You must also remove any physical objects that might obstruct signals from the remote to the TV sensor. If these options don’t work for you, then you should read on to determine a fix that should work for you.

AT&T TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix

You might have to reset your TV remote at this point. This is to clear any programming and restart it again. Depending on the brand of your AT&T TV and remote control, specific steps must be taken to carry out the reset as seamlessly as possible.

For the AT&T S10, Silver, and Point Anywhere remotes, the steps to follow are:

  • Press down the AT&T and OK keys at the same time.
  • When you let go of both keys, all four mode keys will flash twice, indicating that you’re in programming mode.
  • By pressing the remote control number keys, enter the programming code 900. The AT&T key will flash for a long time, meaning that the code was entered correctly and the remote has reset to its default settings.

For the AT&T S20 and S30 remotes, the steps to follow are:

  • Press the Menu and OK keys and hold them down at the same time.
  • When you release both buttons, the programming mode indicator on your remote will flash twice.
  • By pressing the remote control number keys, enter programming code 981. The power key will flash four times, signaling that the code was entered correctly and the remote has been reset to factory settings.

An additional tip to ensure your AT&T TV remote is working includes:

  • Maintain sufficient distance between the receiver and the television – some newer televisions have backlighting that can interfere with the remote-control signal. Ensure there is enough room between your TV and the TV receiver to reduce the chances of interference.

If, for some reason, none of the answers given above corrects the problem, then the fault might be from the connection between the AT&T TV and the TV remote control. To make sure the issue does not originate from this end, you should carry out the following instructions;

To begin with, disconnect your remote from the device:

  • Press down the DASH (–), and APPS or Diamond buttons before the remote’s LED lights blink blue twice.
  • Click and release the red button on the side of your AT&T TV system to restart it. You can also unplug and then re-plug your TV.

You can now pair the remote with your AT&T TV once it has been turned back on:

  • Using the AT&T remote, point at the TV.
  • For 2-3 seconds, simultaneously press and hold FAST FORWARD and REWIND. When the pairing occurs, an on-screen message will inform you that your remote is ready to use.

With all these steps, your AT&T TV remote should be working again. But if these do not still work for some reason, it might be time to trade in your TV remote for a newer one. Even so, it is an investment in your entertainment life anyway. So have fun as you enjoy your television experience.