Bose Micro Soundlink Not Charging: How to Fix

There are many reasons why people love the Bose Micro Soundlink speaker. Asides from producing great sound, this device promises a decent level of battery life.

For the Bose Micro Soundlink to last, it has to be charged properly. But due to some issues, this product might not charge as expected.

If you have this problem, you can fix it without any technical skills. In this guide, you can find these solutions and use them to deal with a non-charging Bose speaker.

bose micro soundlink not charging

Bose Micro Soundlink Not Charging? Try These Fixes

Now here are some ideas for charging the Bose Micro Soundlink speaker. But before the following tips, it would help if you checked its owner’s manual for some advice.

1. Get the Right Connection

As you charge the speaker, check the USB cable that delivers the power. If it feels loose, firmly push one end into the speaker while another end goes into the power source.

2. Get a New Cable

The Bose MicroSoundlink comes with a good USB cable. But as time passes, this accessory might suffer some damage. If you use this cable for a recharge, there is a high chance that your Soundlink battery will remain dead.

Instead of thinking of taping the cable, get a new one from many offline stores or online marketplaces. However, avoid cables that might be too cheap.

3. Perform a Reset

With an easy reset, you can deal with any glitches that cause charging problems. If you want to reset your speaker, try the following steps:

  • Switch on the speaker
  • Hold the Power button for 20 seconds
  • Wait for the lights on the speaker to become blue and a voice instructing you to download the Bose Connect App.

4. Pick a New Charger

As with the cable, the charger can get old or even damaged. Thus, using it to charge your speaker might not offer the best results.

If your Bose MicroS oundlink does not charge, swap the current charger for something new. Stick with chargers that offer 1 A / 1000 mA rating. Supposing the problem persists, you can try the next solution.

5. Get an Update

On the official Bose website, the brand offers regular updates for its Soundlink speakers. With this option, the accessories can deal with any charging issues. If you are looking for a faster way to upgrade the software of your speakers, then you could use your PC or Bose Connect App

If you are using a computer:

  • Launch on your website
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for downloading the update

If you are using the Bose Connect App:

  • Open the Bose Connect App
  • Look for a downward arrow on the image of your speaker
  • Hit the update icon to start the download
  • Allow the update to become complete and click on Update

6. Use a Good Power Outlet

Before you can charge your Micro Soundlink speaker, ensure that the device is connected to a working power outlet. To get started, plug the speaker into your preferred outlet. Supposing it does not charge, swap your current power source for another outlet.

7. Time for Repairs

If the earlier mentioned ideas do not solve your Micro Soundlink problems, then it might be time to take your speaker for repairs. Instead of settling for any technician, stick with the professionals from the Bose Customer Centre. Asides from working on your speaker, these individuals offer the best advice for taking care of your Bose speaker.

You can reach the Bose Customer Centre via telephone or email. Also, this center can be reached by text.

8. Get a New Speaker

Are you tired of repairing your Bose Speaker? If yes, then you should get a new unit. As expected, you can get one from any offline or online store. But if you want to save cash, you could work with a fairly used but cheaper Bose speaker.

Extra Tips for Charging the Bose Soundlink Speakers

Even if your speaker and its charging accessories are in top shape, you might not be able to get a perfect charge. With this in mind, you can use the following tips to charge your device.

1. Take Proper Care of Your Charger and USB cable

Do not wrap the USB cable around your fingers or any other objects. Also, remember to keep the cable and other charging devices from water.

2. Do Not Overcharge

Overcharging your MicroSoundlink speaker might look like a great idea. However, this practice makes the battery weaker than expected. Supposing you have plans to use the device for years, then you should remove the charger as soon as the speaker is full.

3. Check the Manual

If you are not sure of the best steps for charging your MicroSoundlink speaker, check the owner’s manual. After all, this piece of literature offers the best advice for using the speaker. Supposing you have lost your manual, you can download a digital version from the internet.


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