Bose Speaker Not Connecting to iPhone: How to Fix

For some iPhone users, the Bose Speaker comes as a decent tool for listening to various content. According to them, this device offers the right features for the job.

Although the speaker works well, it might not connect properly with an iPhone However, there are various ways to deal with this problem. Luckily, these steps can be performed without any technical skills.

bose speaker not connecting to iPhone

Bose Speaker Not Connecting to iPhone? Try These Fixes

Do you want your iPhone to work with your Bose Speaker? If yes, then you can use the following hacks to improve the chances of connecting both devices.

1. Reduce the Distance

Before you can connect a Bose Speaker with an iPhone, it would be ideal if both devices are in the same space. When it comes down to it, the Bluetooth features of the Bose speaker cannot exceed 33 feet (10 meters). So if you have any connection issues with your iPhone and Bose Speaker, make them close to each other.

2. Turn on the Power

If your Bose speaker does not connect to your iPhone, then you might have forgotten to switch on the power of the former device. With this in mind, ensure that the Bose Speaker is powered. Supposing the device does not come on, plug it into a power source and try to reconnect both devices.

3. Try a Reboot

Sometimes a reboot can be the solution to your speaker problems. But instead of turning off both devices, you should focus on the Bose Speaker. For the best results, use the following steps to perform the reboot on the following Bose models

(i) Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker

  • Turn on the Bose Speaker
  • Hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Continue holding the Power button until the blue light blinks and the voice prompt comes on.

(ii) Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker

  • Hold the Mute button for 10 seconds.
  • Wait for the lights to turn off and the products to reset.

4. Use the Right Steps

There is nothing much to pairing a Bose Speaker with an iPhone. But if you don’t use the right settings, connecting both devices can become a nightmare. Now here are the various methods for pairing both devices.

If you want to connect both devices by Bluetooth,

  • Switch on the Bose speaker and hold its Bluetooth button for three seconds.
  • Wait for a blue light to blink near the Bluetooth button
  • Grab your iPhone and switch on its Bluetooth. Then scroll through the available devices and choose the name of your Bose speaker.
  • Look for a passkey that will appear on the screen of your iPhone
  • Enter the passkey on your iPhone
  • Wait for the light to become blue

If you want to connect both devices by NFC,

  • Power up your Bose speaker
  • Launch the NFC reader on your iPhone
  • Place the iPhone on the Bose Logo

5. Remove Any Obstacles

As mentioned earlier, the Bluetooth features of theĀ  Bose speaker work within 10m. But if you have any obstacles around the device, it reduces the range and affects any connection between the Bose speaker and your iPhone.

With this in mind, make sure that there are no walls or obstructions between both devices. Besides, it would help if you took out your smartphone from your pocket before pairing it with the speaker.

6. Update Your Software

Running on an outdated version of the Bose app can disturb the connection between an iPhone and the Bose speaker. For this reason, it is advised that you ensure that your Bose Music app is updated regularly.

You can update your Bose app by :

  • Launch the App Store from your iPhone
  • Hit the Profile icon at the top of your screen
  • Scroll to the Bose Music App and check for any updates. If you see any Update tab beside the app, click it.

7. Get the Right Technical Support

If our earlier listed tips do not work, then it would help if you reached out to the Bose Service center or Apple Service center. As expected, these locations offer technical support for their devices. Normally, you can reach these services via mail or telephone.

Extra Tips for Fixing Your Bose Speaker

Asides from fixing your iPhone, you can use the Bose Speaker with an Andriod smartphone. So if you have any connection problems with this device, use any of the following hacks.

  • Make sure the smartphone stays within 33 feet of the Bose Speaker.
  • Work with the latest versions of the Bose Music app.
  • Unpair and pair back the Bose Speaker with the smartphone.
  • Clear the Bluetooth history on your Andriod phone. Then repeat the pairing process between the speaker and the phone.
  • Reboot the speaker by holding the Mute button. If this method does not work, check the manual for the steps that suit the model of your Bluetooth speaker.
  • Ensure your Bose Speaker is turned on before connecting it with your smartphone.

How to Connect the Bose Soundlink with an Android Smartphone

You can use the following steps to pair a Bose speaker with an Android smartphone:

  • Switch on the speaker
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your Android smartphone
  • From your phone, scan for the available Bluetooth devices and pick ” Bose Soundlink”
  • Wait for both devices to connect.