Callaway Adapter Settings: Getting It Right

For many people, the Callaway adapter has become the go-to tool for adjusting the distance between the club head and the shaft. Asides from having many features, this device is easy to use.

Although Callaway ensures that it offers the best adapters, there might have a few issues. Luckily, these problems can be fixed without much work.

Are you having issues with the Callaway adapter? If yes, go through our guide and get the best fixes for the problem.

callaway adapter settings

Callaway Adapter Settings Tips

Before using our tips, consult the manual that comes with your adapter for extra tips. Now here are some ideas that can solve several Callaway adapter problems.

Give it a Whack

Yes, a gentle tap is one of the ideal fixes for a troublesome adapter. But this method is ideal for units with stuck cogwheels.

Use the Right Drivers

Without the right drivers, you might not get the best experience from your Callaway adapter. For this reason, it is advised that you look for the best options before using this tool. If you are not sure of the best drivers for this product, contact the customer service line of the company.

Get a New Adapter

If our tips do not get work, you might have to look for a new Callaway adapter. As this brand is quite popular, you can find the device at most online or physical stores

Glue the Adapter

Does your Callaway Adapter come off at most times? Does it feel loose? If yes, then adding some glue should get things sorted out. But before applying the glue, smoothen the round part of the adapter with a file.

Call the Callaway  Customer Service

If the adapter has issues, it would help if you sought solutions from help from the Callaway. You can reach the service center by email or email.