Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Diagram

The Dodge RAM air conditioning diagram details all the components of the cooling system of the vehicle so you can have an insight as to how it works. From the coolant to the blower fan and the air vents, you will find all the right details that should help you make repairs when necessary.

You will also find a comprehensive guide on Dodge RAM air conditioning problems and the right fixes to apply to get your air conditioning system back on.

Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Diagram


Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Diagram 01


Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Diagram 02

Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problems and Fixes

AC Not Cooling

If your Dodge RAM air conditioning is not cooling or is blowing warm air, it could be due to several problems ranging from a refrigerant leak to an issue with the air conditioning compressor.

Air refrigerant leak

The car’s air conditioning uses refrigerant to cool the air below it blows through the vents into the cabin of the vehicle. If the refrigerant is leaking from somewhere in the air conditioning system, it will become less effective at cooling the air.

The leak could be due to a fault in the compressor, evaporator, or hoses. It could also be a sign of wear in the rubber seals in parts of the vehicle’s AC system.

To confirm a refrigerant leak, listen for an audible click from the engine when the AC is turned on. This is the compressor clutch engaging. When the system is low on refrigerant, the compressor will cycle on and off frequently. You can also use the following methods to find a leak.

  • Listen for a hissing sound from the air conditioning system
  • Look for oil residue around the AC hoses and pipe fittings
  • Use a tool that can detect refrigerant gas to inspect the AC system

If you can confirm that there is a leak, you can take the car to the auto repair shop so that the AC system will be inspected and repaired. You might also have to perform an AC recharge depending on the amount of refrigerant fluid that has been lost.

AC compressor problem

The compressor is one of the most vital parts of the Dodge RAM’s air conditioning system. Its function is to move the refrigerant through the system and compress low-pressure refrigerant gas into high-pressure refrigerant gas before it passes into the condenser. If the compressor fails, the refrigerant will no longer move through the system efficiently so the air blowing into the cabin won’t be cool.

You should get a mechanic to check the compressor as well as the compressor belt and the electrical circuit to the compressor. If the compressor is eventually replaced you should go ahead and replace the AC accumulator or receiver dryer. If the compressor failure was due to an internal problem, then metal shavings may have been distributed throughout the AC system. You will have to perform a system flush and replace other damaged parts

If there is no power supply to the compressor, it could be due to:

  • Defective wiring or fuse
  • Bad pressure switch
  • Bad control module

It could also be due to the fact that the ac is low on refrigerant or there is low refrigerant. Also, low outside temperature and high refrigerant pressure could cause a lack of power supply.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is a fan that blows air into the passenger compartment. The fan could fail due to a problem with the motor or the system controlling it. If the blower motor fails, the flow of cool air into the cabin will cease.

If your heating and air conditioning system features a manual fan switch with variable speeds, you will notice that the fan does not work at all speeds. This could be due to a bad blower motor. However, you should check the fan switch or the blower motor resistor as well. All these three components can fail but it is highly unlikely that they will do so at the same time.

Other Problems

Air Stops When Accelerating

You might notice that the air stops blowing when you accelerate. This issue could be due to a problem with the AC fuse but you could also be dealing with a vacuum leak as well. If the AC stops working as soon as you step on the pedal, then you could be most likely dealing with a vacuum leak. In the Dodge RAM models, the vacuum line is attached to the cruise control and underneath the truck’s battery. Finding a vacuum leak will take a lot of time but once fixed, the AC should work well.

Noisy Blower Motor

A noisy blower motor could be due to debris getting stuck inside the blower motor. If the blower motor becomes noisy before the fan stops working, it could be a sign that the blower motor is bad and has to be replaced. You should inspect the blower motor for any debris before it stops working.


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