Element TV Problems and Solutions: How to Fix

Since its launch, Element TV serves as an affordable way to enjoy 4K content. Although it cannot meet up with TVs from bigger brands, it still has some impressive features.

As with most TVs, the Element tends to have a few issues. However, there are different ways to deal with such problems.

element tv problems and solutions

Element TV Problem and Solutions: How to Fix

Do you have a faulty Element TV? If yes, then you can use the following hacks to get things on track. As expected, these ideas do not require a science degree or technical skills.

1. You have picture but no sound

If your Element TV provides pictures without sound, we recommend that you reset the TV. But before you can get the results, it would help if you used the following steps.

For a factory reset:

  1. Look for the Reset button at the back of the TV.
  2. Push and hold the button (with a pointed tool) for 30 – 60 seconds

For a soft reset:

  1. Disconnect the TV from the wall outlet
  2. Hold the Power button for 25 seconds
  3. Release the Power button d. Connect the TV back to the wall outlet
  4. Switch on the TV
  5. Check if the picture works

2. Your Element TV remote does not work

As expected, the Element remote allows you to control the TV without any issues. But if the remote does not work, you should try the following hacks:

  1. Wear a pair of gloves
  2. Remove the batteries from the remote control
  3. Clean out any corrosion with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Insert a new pair of batteries
  5. Test the remote control by pressing any of the buttons

If the problem persists, remove any items that might interfere with the remote signals. Such items include fluorescent bulbs, household items, or even anything that stays in front of the indicator.

3. Dim picture

If you have this problem, you might have to take the Element TV to the repair store. But if you are looking for a temporary fix for the dimming issue, you could try the following hacks.

According to some Reddit users, the color will return on its own. But if you don’t have much time to spare, you might have to hit the back of the TV gently.

4. Element TV sleep timer not working

Sometimes the Sleep Timer on the Element TV tends to act weird. Besides, you might not even find the Sleep Timer on your device.

You can solve the issues by pressing the * button on your remote. But as you hit the button, make sure the TV is switched on.

5. Element TV does not turn on

Does your Element TV have any power issues? If yes, then you should insert the plug properly into a new power outlet. Supposing the issue continues, check and replace any damaged cables.

6. Vertical lines on the screen

When lines appear on theĀ  TV screen, it would help if you focused on the TV antennae. To solve this problem, you can shift the antennae around until you have a clearer picture.

When to Call the Element TV Tech Support

If any of our suggestions do not work, reach out to Element Tech Support. Thanks to this service, you can fix any issues that might affect your TV. To use this platform, you can lay a complaint via mail or telephone.


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