Element TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

Element TV is a fast-rising brand managed by Element Electronics in the USA.

Element Electronics offers high-quality products following the latest trends and improvements, all at an affordable price. The company’s products offer acceptable picture quality, basic HDR support, and a solid smart TV experience.

However, no matter how enjoyable your experience is with the Element TV, several petty issues are bound to come up. One of these is remote control problems.

Trying to use a TV set without its remote control is taking a shot at frustration and annoyance. But with a remote, you enjoy the ease of controlling the functions and hidden options of your TV. But when your remote control develops a fault, you can either repair it yourself or contact a professional to be able to continue enjoying your television.

element tv remote not working

Element TV Remote Not Working: Causes & Fixes 

There are times when the dysfunctional remote control is occasioned by a power cycle problem. This issue can be a damage to the internal components of the remote.

If your remote stops working, the first thing to do is to switch off the TV and connected appliances; and unplug them from power outlets for a few minutes before putting them back on.

The TV will automatically reset and your TV remote function properly.

If the remote control does not still work after restarting your TV, then something, in particular, could be wrong.

Here are other common issues that might affect the operability of your remote and how best to fix them:

Physical Obstructions

The first thing to make sure of when your remote stops working or working intermittently is to ensure there’s no physical obstruction to the infrared signal sent from the remote to the TV.

Electronic gadgets, like radios and phones, could cause an obstruction; and it is advisable to move these away from the TV.

It is also possible that your aim is off; point directly at the TV and ensure that the distance between the remote and TV is not too much.

Battery Issues

Your remote could stop working simply because the battery is dead.

Once the batteries in your remote get weak or become dead, your remote will cease to work. Also, if the battery is not in correct placement, the remote will not function.

First, open the battery panel and check to see if the batteries are correctly aligned by their polarities. The right polar charge alignment is always inscribed in the battery space and you only need to follow it.

If there’s still no change, you might need to completely replace the old batteries with new ones.

Infrared Signal Emissions Issues

The infrared signal emitted by the remote controls the TV.

Therefore, if there is an infrared emission problem between the remote and the TV, you will be unable to control the TV using the remote.

Testing the infrared emission is simple to do and you only need to follow these steps:

  • Point your remote in the direction of a camera lens.
  • Press any button on the remote to see the live display of the camera you’re using.
  • You may or may not see a flashing purple light in the camera display after pressing the remote buttons.

Note: You can use any camera of your choice, including the front camera of your smartphone. You however have to make sure that your smartphone camera doesn’t filter infrared light.

If you see the flashing purple light, then the infrared signal of the remote is fine and the remote is still functional, so take any of the other fix-it steps listed earlier.

However, if you don’t see the flashing purple light in the camera live display, then the remote is not working and you might have to contact the Element support team or technician.


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