Emerson TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

People love to visit theaters to watch movies. Why is that? The viewing experience takes them away from reality. Fortunately, many TV brands such as Emerson, Insignia, Sony, etc have succeeded in introducing a similar kind of entertainment in the home theatre.

One huge benefit of having the Emerson TV is that its programmable remote control unlocks amazing entertainment options that make viewing experiences a delight. However, just like everything else, the remote control could become faulty and stop working with your TV. Here then is how to fix your remote control when it stops operating your television.

emerson tv remote not working

Emerson TV Remote Not Working? Try These Fixes!

If your Emerson TV remote stops working, here are a few hacks to help you fix it:

  • Remove the lid of your remote control, remove both batteries and press the power button for 30 seconds. The reason for this is to discharge every remaining power in the device. Go ahead to press each button on the remote multiple times before putting back your batteries; if this does not work, try the process again 5 times.
  • Check to determine that the batteries are still strong since the remote might stop working properly if the batteries are weak or dead.
  • Open the remote control to see if there is any dirt on the motherboard. Apply isopropyl alcohol to cotton wool and use it to clean off the dirt. Recouple the device and test it again with your TV to see if it’s working.
  • If your TV remains unresponsive to the remote, open up the back of the remote to remove one of the batteries. Unplug the TV from the wall switch and wait for about 60 seconds before plugging back the TV into the power outlet. Once the TV is powered up, put the battery back into the remote. Your remote should begin to function again.
  • If all these did not work, you should change your remote control. You could go for the universal remote control. You can find it at an online store.

The above-listed methods are for fixing an Emerson TV remote that stops working with the TV brand. If perhaps you used any other techniques apart from those highlighted above to fix your dysfunctional Emerson TV remote control, feel free to share the hack in the comments section below.