Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: Causes & Fixes

It could be the season’s greatest hunt for a good RV refrigerator. Many refrigerators waste excessive amounts of energy and suddenly stop working. Finding the proper refrigerator for your RV is possible with some homework and a reliable power supply system.

Keep reading our article to find out how to fix Everchill refrigerators. It contains all the details you’ll need to know to get the most out of your Everchill refrigerator model. It will just take a few minutes of your time to see if any of the following suggestions work.

everchill rv refrigerator light blinking

Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: Likely Causes

A flickering EverChill RV fridge light could mean there isn’t enough electricity going to the device or a loose connection. One possible cause of the blinking is a low battery. The voltage requirements of EverChill refrigerators are strictly limited to 12V. They need either 10.5 or 11 volts to work.

The indicator will flicker when the compressor is not drawing enough juice from the battery. Start-up for EverChill refrigerators requires a significant amount of power use. The ideal solution is to increase the battery’s amperage so the compressor can run at full capacity.

When the blinking ceases after being connected to shore power, you know the problem is caused by low battery power.

Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: How to Fix

It’s not necessary to freak out about this. The refrigerator is now off, and the light is blinking as a courtesy reminder. Press the SET button for 10 seconds, and the blinking will stop when you switch on the refrigerator.

Following that, the LED light should maintain a steady glow. However, if the temperature indicator light is flashing, the compressor is not getting enough power from the battery.

Everchill compressors often require a significant amount of power input to get going. You need to check the battery life and power source if the light blinks.

Oddly, there’s no mention of this warning indication in the manual’s section on fixing common issues. The best way to find out what that other blinking light means is to consult a dealer or trained mechanic.

Everchill RV Refrigerator Not Cooling

First, you’ll need to be patient as things play out. One to two hours is all it takes for the Everchill refrigerator to reach its optimal working temperature. Your refrigerator may still be warm if you haven’t waited too long.

The second step is to double-check the settings on your thermostat. This brand of RV refrigerator has two shelves. Thus we refer to them in the plural. Though not everyone has more than one, some do. These settings might be too conservative.

Then it would help if you ensured the door gaskets were doing their job. If not, you might need to get new ones. If neither of those is the case, perhaps someone put hot food inside to keep it warm till later. Injecting a fridge with heat is a bad idea.

Everchill Freezer Cold Fridge Warm

If your Everchill freezer or refrigerator is not maintaining a chilly temperature, investigate whether the door was left open or if someone is opening the door frequently. All of the previous explanations could be relevant here. As such, the details below are relevant to the scenario mentioned above.

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, the problem could lie with the electricity or the compressor. The fridge or freezer may not cool properly because the compressor may not have enough juice to turn on.

Additionally, ensure that your circuit breakers and fuses are in good working order. Reactivate them if they have tripped or blown, or get new ones.

Everchill RV Refrigerator Fan Not Working

This issue with the part could have arisen from different places, but the power supply should be the first place you look. The fan will not operate properly if the refrigerator is not turned on or if there is no power.

If that is not the cause, and you have already examined the battery storage to see whether or not there is sufficient power, you may have a faulty fan that needs to be replaced. Examine the motor’s condition to determine whether it is in proper working order.

If the fan is producing a sound, inspect the blades to see if they have been bent at any point in time.

Everchill RV Refrigerator Leaking Water

The clogging of the defrost drain is the cause of this issue more often than any other single factor. To determine whether or not this was the cause of the problem, you will need to power down the refrigerator and give it enough time to defrost entirely.

You will be responsible for clearing out the drain. If just a small amount of ice was blocking the way, the problem might be solved by defrosting the area. It’s also possible that the drain gets clogged by dirt or another material, so defrosting the pipe won’t solve the problem.

If none of these solution work, do not hesitate to contact the support team.


It appears that the Everchill brand of refrigerators is popular and lives up to consumers’ expectations of how well they will operate. As we have seen for various appliances and recreational vehicle models, no one has anything particularly negative to say about them.

Additionally, it appears that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of their product because they will assist you if you contact them or the RV brand from which you purchased your RV. Just remember to always have your manual close at hand and store it in a location that is both secure and easy to recall where you kept it.