Fitbit Aria Not Syncing: Causes & Fixes

The Fitbit Aria is an attractive wireless scale that measures your body fat or weight and saves you the time of keeping track of your body weight using the Fitbit App. while it does come with a ton of attractive features, it is not completely perfect.

Problems like “Fitbit Aria not syncing” could come up, and for those facing this problem, we have provided the possible solutions in this piece.

fitbit aria not syncing

Fitbit Aria Not Syncing: Causes & Fixes

Cause 1: Wrong Pairing

There could be a chance that you’re not correct to the right network or the scale is not properly paired with your device. In both cases, the best thing to do would be to reconnect the scale to your wireless network.

Solution: Reconnect your Fitbit scale to your wireless network

You will have to reconnect Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2 to your network every time you make changes to your network. Changes include adding a new network name, network provider, password, or router.

For Fitbit Aria

  • In a web browser, go to the Fitbit website. Follow this string: Fitbit > Scale > Setup
  • Click on the “Get Started” button to begin the setup process
  • Enter a name for your scale as well as your information.
  • To put your scale in setup mode. Remove a battery from the scale when you’re prompted to do so. Wait for about 10 seconds and reinsert the battery.
  • When done, your scale will display “Wi-Fi is (your network name)” followed by “Tap to change.” With the palms of your hands, press down firmly and for about a second, on the lower two corners of the scale. You should see the message “Setup active” on your scale’s screen. If the screen remains blank, and you see the message “Step on” or if the message ‘Tap to change“ scrolls across the scale’s screen, you should take out the battery and repeat the setup process.
  • After you receive the setup message, follow the instructions in your web browser to complete the setup process.

For Fitbit Aria 2

  • Keep your scale and Wi-Fi router nearby, and open the Fitbit app on your Bluetooth-enabled phone.
  • On the Today tab, tap on your profile picture and then tap on Aria 2
  • Tap Wi-Fi network or Pair Scale to Different Network. The option will depend on your device
  • Tap Next and follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your scale to your network.

Cause 2: Dead Battery

If your Fitbit Aria scale won’t sync, there is a chance that the batteries are dead and need to be replaced. This is not very common, but if you notice the problem while every other area seems fine, then you might want to check the batteries.

Solution: Replace the Batteries

You might want to check if the batteries are still working. The Fitbit Aria scale comes with AA batteries will run out of juice after some time. You can test the batteries on another device like your TV remote or any other device that uses AA batteries. If they don’t work, then you will have to get replace the batteries.

Cause 3: Weak Signal

It is a known fact that wired connections are way better than wireless connections though they do have a limited range. However, you can’t keep your device too far from the Aria too even if you’re using a wireless connection. The farther your device is from the scale, the weaker the connection will be which could be the reason why it is not syncing.

Solution: Bring Your Device Closer

This is pretty simple. By bringing your device or smartphone closer to the scale, you could improve the Wi-Fi signal and get it to sync. Get rid of any obstacles between your device and the scale to boost the Wi-Fi signal.


How does the  Fitbit Aria measure body fat?

The Fitbit Aria uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure body fat. What the technology does is estimate your body fat by sending a very low electrical current through the body. The current passes easily through lean tissues, though there will be some resistance when going through fatty tissue. Lean tissue contains more water than fatty tissue which is why it is less resistant to the current than fatty tissue. By measuring the resistance, Aria can estimate how much body fat a person has.

As far as accuracy, you must realize that Aria comes with an inbuilt algorithm, so its accuracy depends on how similar your body composition is to the group of people they must have used to create their algorithm. Regardless, the absolute number will only be near accurate. However, you can still rely on the device to give you something to work with.

How do I change my Fitbit sync settings?

Fitbit syncing can be customized using the Fitbit app. To do this, go to the app settings, there you can choose which data is shared with other devices and apps. You can also change the frequency of syncing. By default, Aria should sync approximately every 10 minutes.

This ensures that the most recent changes to your data are always available. The device will also track any changes that occur while it is offline and automatically sync once it reconnects to the internet. If you want to prevent your Aria from syncing just about every time, you can also set it to sync only when you open the app. While the scale doesn’t draw much data from your internet package, you can actually save using this method.

Checking your sync settings is very important especially if you want to protect the information being shared. For example, if you want to keep your weight private and prevent your personal info from being shared. You can do that from the settings in your app dashboard.  This will prevent the app from sharing your updated information with other parties when it syncs.

To access these settings, open the Fitbit app, tap the gear icon in the top-left corner, and select “Sync”. There you can make as many changes as you wish.