Frigidaire Washer Not Draining: Causes & Fixes

When your Frigidaire washer is not draining, it can be a very tiring situation. Just imagine that your washing machine does not drain water properly after your washing cycle and the water collects in the drum. This will leave your clothes wet and you’d have to go through some stress squeezing them by hand. But don’t panic; you’ll find your solution right here!

frigidaire washer not draining

Although this malfunction may occur when your Frigidaire washer is getting old, there are still some causes why water does not drain after your washing cycle. Here are some of them:

Frigidaire Washer Not Draining: Possible Causes

Clogged filter

One of the most common reasons why your Frigidaire washer may not be able to drain water is that the filter has been clogged with dirt. When dirt clogs on the filter, drainage cannot occur and your clothes may remain wet.

Blocked drain pump

Also, an object may be stuck in the drain pump. Once an object is stuck in the drain pump, it can restrict the flow of water outside the drum. Small clothing materials like socks, buttons, coins, and handkerchiefs may get stuck in the drain system. This will lead to the problem whereby your washer will refuse to drain water.

Lock-door not properly closed

Your Frigidaire washer might not drain if you close the lock-door incorrectly. If the lock-door is faulty or dirty, it may be unable to close properly. As a result, the washing operation is altered and may lead to drainage issues.

Bent or clogged drain

A bent or clogged drain hose can also lead to your washer’s inability to drain water. The drain hose is the channel through which water is expelled out of the washer and once it’s bent, water will be unable to pass out, thereby causing drainage issues.

Lid switch failure

Most Frigidaire washing machines have a lid switch assembly. With the lid switch assembly, water does not drain when the lid is still open. When there is a failure in the lid switch assembly, drainage issues may occur.

Plumbing channel issues

Blockage in the plumbing connection can also lead to a drainage issue. If the drain line in the house is blocked, water will not be able to flow outside the washing drum.

Too much suds

When your washing process produces an excessive amount of suds due to too much detergent, water may not drain properly after the washing cycle. This single act can also affect the drainage of the wash water.

How to Fix Drainage Problems in your Frigidaire Washer

Now that we’ve discussed the possible causes, let’s look at how you can fix these problems and say goodbye to drainage problems on your washer.

First, disconnect your washer by removing the plug from the socket. Then you can check the filter. To open the filter, it is necessary to unscrew the cap. It is also recommended to spread a cloth on the floor to collect the water that comes out. Once opened, you can proceed to clean the filter by rinsing it under running water. Also check the inside of the pump (the part that remains attached to the washer) to remove any debris and verify that the turbine is not blocked by small objects (coins, buttons, pins, etc.). The turbine should be able to rotate freely after this process.

To check for blocked drain pumps, you can remove the drain pump to check for any object or dirt that may obstruct the passage of water. When you discover an object or dirt, you can now remove them to ensure that water flows out easily. In the case where drainage becomes noisy, you can then opt to change the drain pump.

To fix your drainage problem, you have to check for any defects on the lid switch assembly. To carry out the check on each of these lid switches, you can make use of a multimeter. If a fault is detected, it should be replaced.

If the draining problem stems from excess suds produced during the washing process, you can consider reducing the amount of detergent you use while washing.

Nothing Seems to Work?

If you have carried out these activities and your washer does not still drain out water, it means that your Frigidaire washer is electrically broken and needs to be replaced. If there are major technical problems, you can then call on an expert technician to carry out repairs.