How to Unmute Your TV without Remote

If you have a good TV, you can expect crisp images, good refresh rates, enough ports, and good screen size. But if you can’t hear the sounds from the TV, you will not enjoy your viewing experience.

A simple solution for this problem is to unmute the TV audio. For this task, you should use a compatible remote controller. So if you can’t find this device, you will have to find other options.

Luckily, there are other ways that you can unmute a TV without a controller. With this article, we will show you how to perform this task on various TVs.

how to unmute tyv without remote

How to Unmute Your TV without Remote

If you cannot hear the audio from the television, you might want to take it for repairs. But before you contact the service center, use the following ideas to work on the device.

1.  Remove Connected Headsets

If your TV does not produce any sound, you might have to look out for a connected headset. After all, the TV audio can be routed through these devices and be heard only if you wear them.

To send the sound to the speakers, disconnect any plugged-in headphones. Also, remember to clear out any debris that might hide in the headphones jack.

2. Perform a Soft Reset on Your TV

Restarting your TV is an easy way to restore sound especially without a remote controller. But before you can get the expected results, it would help if you used the following steps.

  • Leave the TV on
  • Head to the connected power source
  • Remove the TV plug from the outlet
  • Wait for 30 – 60 seconds before returning the TV to the socket
  • Check if the sound has returned to the speakers on the television.

3. Hit the Reset Button

If your TV has a reset button, you can use it to restore its audio. Start by looking for the button at the back of your TV set. When you find it, press it with a screwdriver, toothpick, or any slim pointed tool. Do not remove the instrument until the TV restarts.

4. Use a Mobile Remote App

Thanks to developers, you can find countless apps that can control the functions of your TV. If you can’t find the right choice for your TV, consider using the Universal TV Remote Control app. Since this tool works like a regular remote controller, it can unmute your TV.

  • Search for the Universal TV Remote Control app on Google Playstore or App Store.
  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • Launch the app and ensure it’s on the same Wifi network as your TV
  • Choose your preferred TV brand from the app
  • Head to the upper right corner of the on-screen remote and press the unmute button.

5. Use the Right Settings for Your TV

If you are using a Samsung TV, you should choose the right location/language for the device. For instance, if you are using the TV in the USA, set your preferred location as the USA. Then run a diagnostic test to see if there are any problems.

Before using this method to deal with muted sound, perform a hard reset on your TV. To perform this task, you can press the Reset button or use the remote control app.

6. Perform a Hard Reset on the TV

Since some TV models do not have a physical reset button, you might have to restore them to their original settings by using other methods. Let’s say that you are using a JVC TV, hold down the Menu and Volume Down button at the same time. After 10 seconds, hold the power button for another 10 seconds.

7. Use the Volume Buttons

Most TVs have onboard buttons for controlling the level of their sound. If you hit the Volume Up (+) button, the TV should leave its silent state and offer some audio.

8. Contact the Customer Care Centre

A quick call to the customer center of your TV brand might help unmute your TV. After all, such locations offer the best advice for handling most problems on their TVs. To get the right advice for your device, write down the model number of the TV before placing the call.

How to Unmute the Sound on Different TV brands

Now here are some simple ways that you can unmute the sound of selected TV models.

How to Unmute Hisense TVs without Remote Control

If you own a Hisense TV, you can use the Reset button or perform a soft reset. You can even work with a remote control app to restore the audio on your device. If the problem persists, disable the Dolby digital feature on any connected decoder.

How to Unmute Sony TVs without Remote Control

Unplug the TV from the wall for a minute. Then plug in the TV to the socket to complete the reset process.

Apart from performing a quick reset on the TV, make sure the MTS setting on the TV stays at Stereo or Main. Besides, confirm if the TV speakers are turned on.

How to Unmute LG TVs without Remote Control

You can also use a soft reset to keep an LG TV in working order. Also, this method is ideal for bringing back audio on the TV. If this tip does not work, use the remote control app to go to Settings -> Audio/Sound Menu -> Sound Out -> TV Speakers.

How to Unmute JVC TVs without Remote Control

As with most TV brands, pulling out the power plug can solve bad sound on JVC variants. If you don’t mind losing your data stored on smart TVs from this brand, you can also use a hard reset to solve the problem.

What Should I Do if My TV Does Not Produce Sound?

If these ideas do not work on your TV, consider taking the device to the service center for repairs. When it comes down to it, most brands have professionals that can handle different problems including poor sound. Depending on the cause of the problem, you might not even pay much for this service.

Final Words

If you don’t have a traditional remote control for your TV, you can use a soft reset or factory reset to restore its sound. Besides, a mobile remote smartphone app can also get the job done. If the earlier listed ideas do not work, you might have to take the TV for repairs.


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