iPhone Headphone Adapter Not Working: How to Fix

Plugging in a pair of earphones can be a great way to hear audio from your iPhone. Apart from providing premium sound, they can make you feel comfortable in your own space.

But sometimes, things might not turn out as expected. After inserting the headphones, you might not get any sound. When you have this problem, then you might have to deal with a bad headphone adapter.

With this post, you will discover possible causes of this problem. You will even get some advice that will help solve the problem.

iphone headphone adapter not working

iPhone Headphones Adapter Not Working? Try These Fixes

Now here are some of the ways that you might fix an iPhone headphone adapter. But before using our suggestions, you should contact the Apple center for additional advice.

1. Remove the Mess

As you use an iPhone, it tends to collect lint, dust, and other dirt. Because of this debris, the headphone adapter might not work. But can make things right by taking out the mess.

To perform this task, you will need a toothpick. Then, with gentle strokes, remove any dirt that might stay at the port. As you use this tool, avoid the charging pins of the iPhone.

If you are not comfortable with poking around your phone, feel free to clean it at the Apple customer center. Normally, they will have the best tools for cleaning out your port.

2. Get a New Adapter

Adapters for iPhones can be broken in various ways. Because of such damage, the internal wiring will not offer the best connection for sound.

As you cannot repair the adapter, it would help if you got a new replacement. As expected, this tool can be gotten at any physical or online store. At these locations, you can pick a headphone adapter at a reasonable price.

3. Remember the Volume Button

Have you pressed the volume button on your iPhone? If not, then it can be a solution to your audio problem.

Turn up the audio of your phone by pressing the Volume Up button. With a little luck, you might hear sounds from your video or music.

4. Reset Your Phone

Sometimes a forced restart is enough to get your headphone adapter working. Unlike other options on our list, this solution does not require new hardware or software.

To restart the latest iPhone / iPad models, hold the side button and one of the volume buttons. Then move the sliders and wait for the phone to go off. After a few seconds, switch on the phone and reconnect the headphone adapter.

5. Set the Adapter Properly

If you are in a hurry, you might have messed up the connection on your iPhone. To get the best results, ensure that the adapter is well-inserted into the port. Also, free up any tangled cable to avoid any possible damage.

6. Update Your iPhone

To get your adapter working, you might have to update the operating system on your iPhone. After all, an upgrade can clear any bugs that can mess up any connection between the mobile device and the adapter.

Here are the steps needed for an update:-

  • Select the App Store Icon from the Home Screen
  • Choose Profile
  • Scroll to the Netflix app
  • Select the Update App button

7. Switch to a Pair of Wireless Headphones 

Wired phones might be your preferred tools for hearing audio on your iPhone. But if our ideas do not solve the adapter problem, you should consider a pair of wireless headphones. Although they offer great audio, they are easy to install.

To use these accessories, you will have to pair them (via Bluetooth) with your phone. Then follow the instructions that came with the headphones.

So what’s special about such headphones? Well, asides from working without a headphones adapter, they are rarely affected by lint or any other debris. On top of that, you can use these devices without bothering about tangled wires.

8. Turn Off the Bluetooth

If you used the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone to pair an external speaker, you will not get sound from a connected adapter. So if you have plans to use a headphone adapter, switch off the Bluetooth connection.

9. Contact the Apple Customer Service

If you are looking for the best ways to handle your headphone adapter problem, it would help if you reached out to the Apple customer center. After all, this service has the right info for setting up the headphones. Also, the center provides professionals that can help fix your iPhone.

Tips for Fixing an iPhone Headphone Adapter

Below are some tips that can help with your iPhone headphone adapter problem.

  1. If you have plans to buy a pair of wireless earphones or adapters, stick with the original brands. Also, avoid any dirt-cheap models as they might not last long.
  2. Do not bend or wrap the cable. If you ignore this advice, there is a high chance of damaging the internal wiring.
  3. As you listen to the earphones, ensure the volume stays at moderate levels. By using this tip, you can prevent potential ear damage.