JBL Extreme 2 Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

The JBL Extreme 2 Not Charging is not a common problem but if you’re having issues with getting the speaker to charge, there are several fixes to apply. The problem could be due to a bad charger, defective charging cable or even a setting issue. There is a fix for every problem and you won’t have to worry about replacing the speaker, especially if the problem isn’t due to any damage you caused.

The JBL Extreme 2 is a durable portable Bluetooth speaker designed to give you deep bass sounds with hours of playtime on a single charge. The speaker does with some crazy specs as well as many easy fixes so you won’t have to think about getting a replacement in a long while.

jbl extreme 2 not charging

JBL Extreme 2 Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

If you’re experiencing problems with the JBL Extreme 2 when plugged, it could be due to one of the problems below and you can apply the following tips.

1. Faulty Battery

This is not always the problem in most cases, but if your JBL speaker is no longer able to hold a charge, it could be possible that the battery has been damaged. The damage could be due to a fall which means you will have to consider buying a replacement battery. However, it could also be that the battery is long overdue for replacement. While lithium-ion batteries are designed to undergo hundreds of charging cycles, with time, the battery will reach its limit and the amount of charge it can hold will drop. When this happens, the battery will have to be replaced.

Before concluding that your battery is damaged, you might want to try charging your speaker using a different charging unit. It could be a problem with the adapter rather than the battery. However, if you confirm that the battery is faulty, you could order a replacement from your local supply shop or from an online retailer. You should check the owner’s manual for a guide on how to replace the batteries. If you still need help, you could find some tutorials on YouTube that will guide you on changing your JBL Xtreme 2 batteries.

2. Faulty Micro-USB Charging Cable

While a faulty battery is common on the JBL Xtreme 2 speaker, it is not as common a faulty micro-USB charging cable. Before you start shipping for a replacement battery, you might want to ensure that the USB charging cable is working as it should. In most cases, especially if the speaker is still new, it could be that the cable only needs replacing to get the battery to charge again.

You might be able to tell that the USB cable is faulty. Check if the cable wobbles around in your speaker’s USB port. Normally, it is supposed to make a tight fit. Anything else could mean that you need to replace the USB charging cable. Even advanced USB Type-C cables can also fail but they won’t’ have the same wobbling problem due to their robust design. If you notice that the JBL speaker is not charging, you should try another cable immediately. If the other cable works perfectly then all you needed was a new micro-USB charging cable.

3. Faulty Charging Port

Probably the worst-case scenario, you could be dealing with a faulty charging port. In some cases, the problem could be some debris in the charging port which will prevent the cable from properly fitting into the USB port. This can be easily fixed by cleaning the port. However, most people tend to force the USB cable to make a proper fit which could bend the connector pins and damage the port.

If this is the case, you will have to get a new charging port. This will require taking apart the speaker and installing the replacement charging port. It could cost you, depending on the charges of the repairer and the cost of the replacement charging port.

If the pins are in good condition, then you might want to clean the port using a safety pin. If there is water damage, a hairdryer will come in handy though this might not solve the tube problem if not done early enough.

4. Fault in the Circuit

Another hardware issue that could likely be the cause of your JBL speaker not charging is a damaged circuit. While this is not as common as the other fixes, you might want to check it out if you can’t seem to find the problem. For the battery to charge, power needs to reach the battery through the circuit. This is just like a damaged port. However, you might not be able to fix the circuit on your own so you will have to take the speaker to a professional. You could also be dealing with a damaged motherboard which means you will have to save up for a new speaker.

5. Faulty Wall Power Outlet

This should be one of the first things you should check. When you notice that your JBL speaker is not charging, check if the USB cable is properly inserted, then check if the wall power outlet has any power. In some cases, the wall power outlet could be faulty. You might be able to get some power from the outlet but it could trip off after a while. Or it could be that there is power in the outlet but not enough to charge the speaker as before.

You might want to try another appliance to see if the wall outlet is working fine. If the voltage is too low or too high, it could be a problem as the speaker won’t charge to avoid damage to the circuit board. Try a different power source to see how things work out.

6. Outdated JBL Software

If you’ve tried every fix and it doesn’t seem to work, then you might want to check your software. Update the JBL speaker to the latest software to get rid of bugs in the code that can interfere with the speaker’s ability to charge. You can do this by resetting the speaker. Hold down the Bluetooth and volume button for about 5 seconds or in some cases, hold the play, pause, and volume up buttons together until the power button glows.