JBL Headphone Not Charging: How to Fix It

JBL headphones come with an efficient and rechargeable battery to ensure that users enjoy maximum satisfaction. But if your JBL headphone stops charging, there are ways to fix the problem on your own.

JBL Headphone Not Charging: DIY Fixes

Users already know that when the battery indicator turns red, it is a sign of low battery; and a green light indicates a full charge. But if the charging indicator lights up but the headphone powers off as soon as it is disconnected from a power source, then it indicates that the device does not retain power. There are a number of things you can do to correct the problem:

jbl headphones not charging

1. Charge it for longer

You must be certain that your device does not retain power before you can conclude there is a battery problem. If your JBL headphone has been down for a long time, it needs a longer time to charge.

Ensure that all connections are intact and leave it in the power outlet for some time. After 30 minutes, check again to see if it is charging; if it is not charging after that period, then something is wrong.

2. Check the power cable

The problem may just be that your headphone charging cable is of low quality. This might be the case if you are not using the original headphone USB charger. You should stick to the original micro-USB charging cable that comes with your JBL headphone.

Compatibility could be the reason why it is not charging. When you use the original USB that came with the headphone, with the original charging cube, your headphone should charge again. But if it doesn’t, then there is something wrong and you need to find out what it is.

3. Check the tools

The problem may be with either the micro-charging cube through which the headphone is connected or the charging cable. The charging cube is like the link between the cable and the rest of the headphones, so connect with another well-functioning headphone to see if it will charge. Try it again with a different charging cube or cable if it fails to work. This will help you determine the faulty component.

4. Power supply issues

Perhaps the power supply is limited in some way, and that is why your headphone is not charging. The fault may lie with your headphone or the power source. So, check to make sure that there are no faulty connections, especially if you are charging it with a computer. It cannot charge if your computer is in hibernation or sleep mode, so turn it on.

5. Check the charging ports

When dust particles accumulate in the charging ports, it can result in connection issues and make charging difficult. So, clean the dust from your charging port. Make it a regular habit to ensure that they are in good shape. Clean the charging port and the micro-USB cable as well.

6. Reset the headphone

If all other efforts fail, resetting your JBL headphone may just be the ultimate solution. There are some ways to go about resetting it:

  • Step 1

Turn off your device using the power button.

  • Step 2

You will know that the turn-off button has been activated when it makes a sound as the device turns off.

  • Step 3

Resetting starts when you press both the volume-up and volume-down buttons at the same time for at least 20 seconds, then release as soon as it makes another sound. That means that the resetting was successful, so it is time to try charging again.

7. Check device hardware

Your device hardware may be the reason it is not charging, so examine the charging port and other hardware parts for possible damage. Replace or repair damaged parts and try each one to see if it is working.

But if this does not make your device charge, then you should extend your search to the battery. Could the battery have expired? Simply contact JBL if it is still within the warranty period so that it can be changed. If not, you’ll have to change it at home. Once charged, your device should start functioning properly. Contacting a technician is your next alternative if nothing helps.