JBL Speakers Keep Turning Off: How to Fix

The JBL speaker is a great device for enjoying various content. Thanks to its features, this gadget is loved by millions of users.

Although the device is a good item, it might go off from time to time. When the JBL speaker has this problem, it can easily spoil your listening experience.

Are you looking for the best ways to fix your faulty JBL speaker? If yes, then you can check our suggestions for fixing the problem.

jbl speakers keep turning off

JBL Speakers Keep Turning Off: Possible Solutions

Before using our tips, we advise that you check for additional advice from the online manual.

1. Hit the Buttons

One of the best ways to fix a JBL speaker that goes off involves using some of its buttons. As there are various JBL speakers, there are also different ways to fix their “on and off” problem.

To Fix the XTREME 2

If your JBL Xtreme 2 goes off and on, you can use the buttons to get things on track. For this task, you should hit the power button between eight to ten times. Then hold it until the speaker comes on.

To Fix the FLIP

If you are using the FLIP 4, a hard reset should make it stay on until you press the OFF button. To use this tip, press the Play/Pause + Vol Up + Vol Down buttons at the same time.

If this idea does not work, you can hold the Play/Pause + Vol Up buttons for 2 seconds.

To Fix the JBL Link

The JBL Link is another type of JBL speaker. If it starts to go off and on, you might have to perform a hard reset. To get started, hold the Volume Up + Play until the speaker goes off.

For the JBL Go

If you use the JBL Go, hold the Volume Down + Bluetooth button for 5 seconds until it goes off.

For the JBL Charge

Press and hold the Volume Up + Bluetooth buttons. Then wait for the light to come on before removing your fingers.

2. Perform a Firmware Update

If your JBL speaker has old firmware, it might have to go off and come on. For this reason, it is advised that you update your firmware to the latest version.

Start by downloading the JBL CONNECT app on your mobile device. Supposing an upgrade is available, it will offer the required update for your device.

3. Take It to A Professional

Did our tips work for your JBL speaker? If not, then you might take the speaker to a JBL Service Centre

Asides from offering the best hands for your speaker, the service is relatively affordable. If your speaker is under warranty, you might not even pay for the service.

4. Connect the JBL Speaker

You can use Bluetooth technology to connect the JBL Speaker to other devices. But if you turn on the feature (without using it to pair other devices), it might go off automatically.

You can avoid this issue by connecting the speaker to your preferred device. If the speaker even goes off, you can turn it back on without any issues.