LG Craft Ice is Not Round: Causes and How to Fix

In its usual tradition, LG offers interesting specs on its latest refrigerators. One of such features is the LG Craft Ice which enables users to produce ice.

Instead of offering regular ice, the system provides variants that do not melt quickly. On top of that, this ice comes in a unique spherical shape.

For different reasons, the LG craft ice might lose its ability to create such ice. With the right knowledge, you can deal with this problem and bring things to normal. Now here are several ways by which you can perform this task.

lg craft ice not round

LG Craft Ice Not Round: Likely Causes and Solutions

Here are different reasons why the LG Craft Ice might not produce round ice.

1. You Don’t Have Enough Water

If you don’t have enough water in the ice maker, you cannot produce well-rounded ice. For instance, if your maker is half full, you will end up with a piece of ice with half-spherical shapes. Normally, this problem occurs with the first batch of ice produced by newly installed LG fridges.

You can solve this problem by providing up to 2.5 gallons of water to the dispenser. If you still have the same problem, wait for the device to make the second or third batch. By then, you should expect round ice from your LG fridge.

2. You Have Air in Your LG Water Filter

If you replace the filter on your LG fridge, you can introduce air and contaminants to the system. With their presence, LG Craft ice will not produce balls of ice.

With this in mind, you can stop this problem by clearing the water lines before installing the new filter. If you are not sure about the right steps for performing this task, consider reaching out to the LG customer service desk.

3. Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure in your home, the LG Craft Ice will not offer round ice. To make the ice spherical, you will need a minimum pressure of 21 psi.

Before dealing with this issue, test the pressure of the water by placing an 87-ounce  cup under the dispenser. As you fill the cup, check the amount of time needed to make it full. If it takes more than 8 seconds to perform this task, you will have to increase the pressure.

Replacing the water filter is an ideal way to improve the pressure. To get the best results, make sure you install a new filter every six months. Also, make sure the water supply lines do not have any kinks or obstacles.

4. You Have an Old Water Filter

As you use the LG Craft Ice, you will need a water filter to help the ice become rounder. As time passes by, the device might contain contaminants. As the mess increases, it will reduce the ideal amount of water needed for round ice.

You should install a new filter every six months. If you can’t find a store with this item, you can reach out to the LG Customer center or check trusted online marketplaces.

5. It Does Have Not Enough Time

Do you want to use ice in a hurry? If yes, you might be tempted to use the ice before it forms perfectly.

According to the LG website, you will need between 18 – 34 hours to produce the ice. With this period, you can expect the best form of ice from your fridge.

6. You Have a Defective Ice Maker

A damaged ice maker will find it difficult to produce round ice. As the fridge has this problem, it will display an “iT” error message on its panel.

Instead of fiddling with the controls on your fridge, contact the LG Customer service center to make a complaint. Ideally, they should offer any assistance that might clear the error message.

Besides, you can also visit the LG website for extra help. You can even schedule a date for repairs on this platform.

7. You Have the Wrong Temperature

Without the right level of coolness, you cannot get rounded ice or any ice at all in your fridge. To get the best conditions for ice making, the ice compartment should have a maximum temperature of 19°F. However, you can perform this setting via the buttons on the fridge itself.

Other Common Problems with LG Ice  Makers

Apart from offering non-round ice, LG Ice Makers can have other problems. Now here are other issues that you might encounter as you use the fridge.

You Cannot Dispense the Ice

Sometimes a damaged heating element on the fridge can disturb its ice-making features.  When you have this problem, the device blocks the chute thereby making it difficult to supply top-quality ice.

As the LG center offers a customer center, you can reach out to their office and ask for help with this problem. You might also get help from a professional technician.

The Fridge Smells Funny

With constant use, the LG Ice Maker fridge will offer bad smells and unhealthy-looking ice. But cleaning the fridge twice a year can make its cabinet look and smell fresh.

Start by removing the shelves from the cabinet. Then wipe every inch of the cabinet with a soft cloth and soapy water solution. When you are finished, rinse out the soap with another clean cloth. Moreover, remove all moisture with some cloth.

As for any organisms that might stay in the fridge, it would help if you used a dilute bleach solution to deal with them. Besides, you will also have to clean any containers that might have been in the fridge.

You Turned Off the ON Switch

As with most electronics, you will have to hit the ON button before accessing its features. If you leave it in the OFF position, the fridge stays still without moving. For this reason, it is advised that you check the power button from time to time.

The Fridge Does Not Cool

There are many reasons why this item might produce warm air. For instance, the fridge could have collected warm air through an opened door. Also, the seal of the fridge might have been damaged.


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