LG Freezer Not Freezing Ice Cream: How to Fix

In many homes and businesses, the LG freezer is a perfect stool for storing food and drink. Asides from these items, the freezer can also provide the right conditions for ice cream.

Normally, the LG freezer does works well with this cold dessert. But due to some technical issues, the device might not work as expected.

Are you looking for the best way to fix an LG freezer that cannot store ice cream? If yes, you should check out the best solutions from our articles.

lg freezer not freezing ice cream

LG Freezer Not Freezing Ice Cream: DIY Fixes

Now here are some of the top ways to fix an LG freezer that does not cool. As expected, most of these fixes do not require much time or technical expertise.

1. Check the Temperature Settings

If your LG freezer does not freeze ice cream, then there is a high chance that the adjusted temperature might be too high for the dessert. With this in mind, it is advised that you leave the settings at 0°F.

But as you increase the cold in your LG fridge, set the degrees gradually until you get to your preferred setting. Then allow the cool air to circulate properly around the cabinet.

2. Turn Off Demo Mode

In most electronics stores, and LG freezer is displayed with the Demo Mode. When activated, this feature allows the freezer to run without consuming much energy. As a result, the freezer will work without providing enough cold for your ice cream.

Sometimes, you might forget to turn off the Demo Mode and have melted ice cream all over the cabinet. To avoid this scenario, switch off the Demo mode on your LG freezer with the following steps:

  • Open either of the refrigerator doors.
  • Hold the Refrigerator and ICE Plus buttons at the same time.
  • Wait for a beep from the fridge and release the buttons.

3. Shut the Doors

If the LG freezer stays open, it traps warm air from outside its cabinet. As the warm fills up the space, your ice cream might not last longer than a day.

There are many ways that you can ensure that your LG freezer stays closed. You can start by keeping stored items from pushing against the doors. Also, you should allow the fridge stays level on a good surface.

4. Create Some Space

Supposing your freezer is full of excess groceries, meat, leftovers, and other items, the cold air will not circulate properly. On top of that, the ice cream will remain mushy.

If you want to clear the excess load on your fridge, throw out the expired items and use up anything that will soon go bad. Then maintain a few inches between each of the items for air to circulate properly.

5. Clean Dirty Condensers

You can make your fridge cooler by clearing out any dirt and dust that might gather at your coils. Begin by disconnecting the fridge from its power source. Then clean out the coils with a vacuum cleaner and brush. With the mess gone, your fridge should offer the best form of coldness for any ice cream.

If you have a case of dirty condensers, you can clean the dirt with the following steps:

  • Push the refrigerator away from the wall to expose the coils.
  • Remove the plug from its power source
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to take out debris from the coils
  • Check for lingering dirt on the coils. If you see any mess, clean out the mess with a good brush.
  • Vacuum the coils for a second time to complete the process.
  • Plugin the fridge into the power source and turn it on.

Although this method can enhance the performance of your fridge, it should not be a daily activity. For the best results, you can clean them once every six months.

6.  Take Out the Heat

Does your ice cream still melt even with the doors closed? If yes, then your fridge might contain hot, steamy food. After all such items tend to fill up the space with warm air that disturbs the cooling process.

You can avoid this problem by allowing steamy food to reach room temperature before placing it in the cabinet. If you are in a hurry, speed up the cooling process by adding ice cubes to the hot soup or storing the food in airtight containers.

7. Work on the Thermistor

A thermistor regulates the temperature of LG fridges. To keep things cool, this device works with an evaporator fan and compressor. If it gets broken, you will have to manage some warm ice cream

If you have some DIY experience, try testing the thermistor. As you are looking for accurate results, consider using a good multimeter. Supposing you find any fault with the tested item, then it would help if you sent it for repairs.

8. Keep It from the Wall

Keeping an LG freezer against the wall might look like a cool idea for saving space. But this set can affect the flow of cool air within the storage units thereby melting your ice cream. So if you want to make things better, put some space between the fridge and the wall.

9. Time for Repairs

If any of our hacks do not work for your fridge, then it might be time to reach out to the LG Customer service. Asides from offering advice that can make your fridge cool better, this platform provides the best hands for fixing your freezer. You can contact this service via mail or telephone.

10. Or Maybe You Need a New Freezer

After years of prolonged use and repairs, your freezer might end up with less cooling power. Even if you try some hacks, the ice cream will not stay cold. At this point, you might have to replace your freezer with a new unit. You can get an LG freezer from the LG store or any trusted electronics dealer.