LG French Door Refrigerator Not Cooling: How to Fix

According to its users, the LG French Door Refrigerator is a sweet appliance. Aside from providing the temperature for food and drink, it offers enough room for these items.

As with most electronics, the LG refrigerator might meet some problems along the way. When this happens, the fridge might not cool the stored item properly.

Luckily, there are different ways by which you can solve this problem. As expected, these ideas do not require much work or time. But before you can perform this task, you will need to know the reason for this problem.

lg french door refrigerator not cooling

LG French Door Fridge Fridge: How to Fix

Here are some of the easy ways by which you can make your LG French Door refrigerator produce cooler air. Along with these ideas, we have added various reasons for a warm fridge.

1. Set the Right Temperature

Before using an LG fridge, you will have to set its temperature. Instead of choosing random settings, it would help if you selected  37°F for the refrigerator. As for the freezer part, it should stay at 0°F.

It is quite easy to change the temperature of your refrigerator. To get started, you will have to hold the refrigerator and freezer temperature buttons at the same time.

2. Clear Your Fridge

Have you loaded your fridge with excess food, snacks, and other items? If yes, it would help if you reduced the quantity of these items. When it comes down, excess items in storage can lead to poor air circulation and a warm fridge.

Take out about-to-be expired or expired foods and dump them in the trash. If they are fresh leftovers, place them in containers with “Eat-Me-First” labels.

As for other items, organize them in the right places. For instance, cooked meals should stay at the upper section while raw meat and fish can be placed at the bottom rack. To allow enough air circulation, place a space of one-three inches between each item.

3. Keep the Door Closed

Although it is impossible to keep yours closed, it is ideal if you reduce the amount of time that it stays open. When it comes down to it, an open LG French Door Refrigerator loses its coolness and takes in warmer air. So even if you have a regular power supply, the stored items will not get cold.

You can make your fridge secure by cleaning the rubber seal that surrounds the door. For a thorough cleanse, use a washcloth with a few drops of mild soap. Also, rub some vaseline on the seal to enhance its locking features.

Sometimes, the door itself might not be well-aligned. If you want to handle this issue, you will have to remove the base plate (if any ) and adjust the leveling screws. You might also reach the LG Customer Service center for extra advice on how to solve this problem.

4. Move Your Fridge

Placing the fridge on the wall is a common practice amongst kitchen owners. But if the appliance stays too close to the wall, it ends up with poor air circulation and a warmer interior. You can increase its coolness by adding a few inches between the wall and the refrigerator.

5. Store Meals at Room Temperature

Hot food produces enough heat to increase the temperature in your fridge cabinet. As you place the meal in the fridge, it spreads warm air across the space thereby making the fridge feel hotter. So if you want to store heated dishes, allow them to reach room temperature before keeping them on the top rack. For cooling larger quantities of food, divide them into smaller portions.

6. Remove the Dirt on the Condenser

Over time, the coils of the condenser will gather dust, lint, and other debris. If you have an excess mess, this part of the fridge will not produce the heat needed to cool stored items.

If you have this issue, you can clean the dirt with the following steps:

  • Push the refrigerator away from the wall to expose the coils.
  • Remove the plug from its power source
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to take out debris from the coils
  • Check for lingering dirt on the coils. If you see any, clean out the mess with a good brush.
  • Vacuum the coils for a second time to complete the process.
  • Plugin the fridge into the power source and turn it on.

Even if this method can enhance the performance of your fridge, it should not be a daily activity. So if you want to have clean coils, you can clean them every six months.

7. Work on the Thermistor

A thermistor regulates the temperature of LG fridges. To keep things cool, this device works with an evaporator fan and compressor. If it gets damaged, you will have to deal with a warm fridge.

Before sending the fridge for repairs, try testing the thermistor. As you are looking for accurate results, try using a multimeter.

8. Get Rid of the Bad Condenser Fan

If this device gets bad, it will not be able to draw air over the compressor and condenser coil. As a result of this problem, the fridge will not cool stored items.

To check your fridge for a bad condenser, you should turn off the device. Then head to the condenser fan and remove any debris that might hold its blades.

Also, try to move the fan itself. If it stays stuck, then you might have to replace the item. But if it moves freely, you will have to check the device with a multimeter.

9. Reach the LG Customer Service

If any of our methods do not solve the cooling problem on your fridge, you should contact the LG Customer Service center. You can easily reach this service via email or phone. Besides, you might reach out to them via their social media handles.

Apart from offering healthy advice for your fridge, the center can send expert technicians to repair your fridge. If they don’t have any professionals on standby, they might recommend other options.


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