LG LFXS29766s Not Cooling: How to Fix

Since its launch, the LG LFXS29766s has become one of the popular LG products in the market. When it comes down to it, this model has enough features for preserving many items.

However, the LFXS29766s is not a perfect product. According to some of its users, this fridge might not offer the best amount of cooling. For this reason, you might think that the fridge does not work.

Does your LFXS29766s have issues with cooling? If yes, then you can use our tips to solve this issue.

LG LFXS29766s Not Cooling

LG LFXS29766s Not Cooling: Possible DIY Fixes

Now here are the top ways to improve the performance of the LG LFX29766S. But before using this guide, we suggest that you consult the owner’s manual of your fridge.

1. Use the Back Button

The ideal way to fix a non-working LFX29766S involves pushing a button behind the fridge. Now here are the steps needed to perform these tasks:

  • Move to the back of the refrigerator and head to the circuit board.
  • Find a small button on the board
  • Push the button once to hear a beep and reset the fridge
  • Push the button again and check the display panel for a “22” error code. If you find this code, hit the button again to reset the fridge.
  • Wait for some hours and check if the fridge has become cooler.

2. Turn Off Display Mode

Thanks to Display Mode, retailers can display the LG LFXS29766s without spending energy. But if this feature remains active, the fridge will come on without having any cooling properties.

Luckily, it is easy to take your fridge from Display Mode. All you have to do is hold down the Refrigerator and ICE Plus buttons for 5 minutes.

3. Install a New Ice Maker Fan

Check the display of your LG LFXS29766s fridge. If you find an ” IS” or “I5” sign, your warm fridge might be caused by a faulty fan motor. You can also have this problem due to a messy connection to the same motor.

Instead of going the DIY route, it uses advised that you keep in contact with a professional to fix the fridge. Supposing you can’t get one, call the LG Customer Service.

4. Close the Doors

Do you still have a heated fridge in your home? If yes, then you might have to reduce the amount of time spent with your fridge. According to experts, opening your LG LFXS29766s for long hours can make it trap excess warm air. With this in mind, the fridge cannot be cold as expected.

It might be difficult to stay away from your fridge for long. But with a few changes, you can use this tip without any issues.

Start by cutting back your visits to the fridge. If you cannot resist the urge to open pull back its doors, then you should stay away from the kitchen for a few hours. After some time, open the fridge and look for signs of coolness

5. Wait for the Cold

After installing a new fridge, you would expect it to become cold within a few minutes. But according to the LG website, it is advisable if you waited for at least 24 hours before you can get the ideal temperature on the unit. If you don’t provide enough time for cooling, your LFXS29766s will remain warm.

6. Tune the Setting

What are the temperature settings on your LFXS29766s fridge? If this value stays above -4°C, then you will have to spend more time dealing with a non-cooling LG fridge. If you don’t know how to decrease the temp settings of your fridge, check the owner’s manual for guidance.

7. Clean Out the Compressor

If dirt gets into your LFXS29766s compressor, it blocks its vents and causes overheating. As a result, the fridge will not offer the best temperature for storing your items.

You can avoid all this trouble by using the compressor cleaning services of a certified technician. If you can’t find one, head to the LG Customer Centre in your area.

8. Create Some Space

Although the LFXS29766s is a large fridge, it should not be filled with excess items. After all, such loads do not allow cool air to circulate the fridge.

As expected, reducing the number of things in your fridge can make it cooler. To get the best results, leave a few inches of space between each item. Furthermore, take out any items that might keep the doors from closing firmly.

9. Install a New Evaporator Fan

Does your fridge produce a high-pitched squeal? If yes, then it might be time to get a new evaporator fan.

The evaporator fan circulates cool air around the compartments of the fridge. When it has issues, the stored items will not receive the best level of coolness.

With the help of a professional, you can install an evaporator fan within a few minutes. If you can’t get good hands for the job, then you can reach out to the LG Customer Care service.

10. Keep It from the Wall

Pushing the LFXS29766s against the wall might look like a cool idea. But this arrangement can affect the flow of cool air within the storage units. So, if you want to make things better, put some space between the fridge and the space.


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