LG LMXS30776s Not Cooling: How to Fix

For many people, the LG LMXS30776s is the preferred product for storing different items. As it is well-designed, the fridge works well.

Although the LMXS30776s is a good fridge, it is not entirely perfect. After all, many users complain that it might not cool stored items properly.

Do you have a cooling problem with your LG LMXS30776s? If yes, then you can use this article to make things better.

lg LMXS30776s not cooling

LG LMXS30776s Not Cooling: Possible DIY Solutions

Here are some great ways to fix your non-cooling fridge. Before using this guide, we recommend that you look for extra advice from the owner’s manual.

1. Adjust the Settings

If your LG LMXS30776s cannot cool items, you might have to adjust its cooling settings. As you want to improve the coldness of your fridge, it would help if you reduced the internal temperature of your fridge.

Asides from the fridge, you can also adjust the temperature on the internal freezer. Normally, this part of the LG LG LMXS30776stays at 4°C while the freezer should stay at 0°.

2. Stay Away from Hot Meals

Do you love storing steamy meals in your fridge? If yes, then this food can be the cause of your non-cooling problem.

To deal with this problem, wait for a few minutes before placing any meals into the fridge. By then, the food should have reached room temperature or become cold enough for storage.

3. Turn Off the Display Mode

The display mode is used to show the features of an LG LMXS30776s fridge at retail stores. Although the fridge works at this stage, it cannot cool any stored items.

If you want the fridge to become colder, take it out of display mode. Start by holding the Refrigerator and freezer button on the fridge. After 3 minutes, you will hear a beep that shows that the display mode (on that fridge) has been disabled.

4. Rearrange Your Fridge

With too much food in your freezer, the cool air will not circulate as expected. As a result, you might think that the LG LMXS30776s fridge is not working.

To deal with this problem, take out the “about to be expired” meals from the fridge. Then maintain a few inches between each of the remaining food items or drinks. Also, take out any items that might push against the door.

5. Check the Doors

As you move the LG LMXS30776s around, you might have shifted the doors of the fridge. With this in mind, your LG fridge will not offer the ideal form of coolness.

You can deal with this problem by checking the doors of the fridge. As you perform this task, look under the hinge caps for poorly installed connectors. Supposing you find any of these items, it would help if you fixed them properly.

6. Clean the Compressor

As you use the LG LMXS30776s, the compressor can gather dust or any other dirt. When this happens, the mess can block its internal vents and disturb the cooling properties of the fridge.

A quick cleanse is enough to keep things on track. But to get the best results, ensure that the process is carried out by a professional technician.

7. Power Cycle the Fridge

Although it looks far-fetched, a power cycle can be the solution to your non-cooling LG LMXS30776s. If you are not sure of the best way to reset your fridge, check the owner manual that comes with your fridge.

8. Push the Fridge from the Wall

In many spaces, it’s common to find the LMXS30776S pushed against walls. However, this practice can affect the circulation of cool air around the fridge.

To make things cooler, push the fridge away from the wall. Instead of choosing a long distance, a few inches should be enough.

9. Use Your Warranty

Using the DIY route can save you cash. However, it is better if you used the warranty that comes with your fridge. After all, this service offers any repairs that can improve its performance.

There is nothing much to use for your warranty. To get started, call the LG Customer Care Centre. But if your warranty is expired, you will have to pay for such services.

10. Keep the Doors Closed

As you use the LMXS30776s, ensure that you keep its doors well closed. Supposing you skip this rule, there is a high chance that your fridge might get filled with warm air.

Aim to reduce the period during which the doors stay locked. Also, make sure that the shelves of the fridge do not push out the doors.

11. Call the LG Customer Centre

Apart from fulfilling your warranty, the LG Customer Centre has the best hands for working on your bad fridge. If they cannot repair the damage, the service can recommend a new fridge for you.