LG Magic Remote Not Working: How to Fix

The LG Magic remote is part of the accessories that come with an LG Smart TV. Unlike a regular remote, it gives a cursor which improves the user’s experience.

However, like most accessories, it may need some troubleshooting, especially when getting older. This article will look at several causes and solutions to an LG Magic Remote not working.

lg magic remote not working

LG Magic Remote Not Working: Common Causes

Although the remote is an all-around durable tool, sometimes it can be defective for many reasons.

  • Battery failure
  • Blocked set-top box
  • Fluorescence
  • Faulty buttons
  • Distance from TV

How to Fix an LG Magic Remote That Isn’t Working

Battery Failure

This is common, especially when the remote gets old or overused. However basic it may seem, the problem with your LG Magic remote may be an old dead battery. The remote connects with Bluetooth; it is expected to drain out faster than regular TV remote batteries.

Before checking anything else, confirm if the problem is coming from the batter by a quick replacement. Also, check for possible battery leaks because sometimes it’s a damaged cell rather than a drained one. When changing batteries, make sure you choose a quality product so it can last longer next time.

Blocked Set-Top Box

If you use a DTH connection, the issue with an LG Magic remote not working may arise from a blocked set-top box. You need the set-up box connected to the TV to view subscribed channels. However, when blocked, it can cause a remote failure because you won’t be able to change channels.

A quick fix; is to reposition the set-top box such that any external object doesn’t block it. The set-top box is physically connected, so you can move it pretty much anywhere around the TV, provided it isn’t disconnected.


Although this isn’t common as the rest on the list, you should consider it when troubleshooting your LG Magic Remote. LG suggests that the remote should not be operated near a fluorescent lamp or any appliance with an electronic stabilizer. These may disrupt the infrared rays reaching the TV from the remote.

Faulty Buttons

Like battery failure, this problem is common with older remotes; it often happens when there’s dirt in the button area or blockage of the IR signal. In this case, you notice the remote is connected, but some or all the buttons do not function as expected. Sometimes, you get it to work after several attempts or hard presses, which is not how a normal remote should function.

To fix this, you can first try removing the batteries and randomly pressing each button to remove dirt locked in the small spaces within the remote, then check with your phone camera if the IR signal is being emitted as you press each button.

Distance from TV

Sometimes the problem might be from a distance you’re trying to operate the TV remote, either too far or too close. If you move too far away from the signal range, it may become difficult for the remote to connect to the TV.

Although these are the major problems and their fixes, there are certain general troubleshooting procedures you can try out in if you’re having problems connecting your LG Magic Remote to the TV.

Resetting the Remote

The procedure for resetting an LG Magic Remote largely depends on its model. While that’s the case, all procedures are usually simple to understand. We will explain two procedures you can use to reset your remote for this article. After trying these, and if you’re unable to get the job done, then it’s probably time to visit your user manual for the exact procedure for your model.

Resetting an LG Magic Remote (Method 1)

To do this, simply turn off the TV, and take out the remote battery for a few minutes. Next, you want to put back the battery before turning the TV back on. Then wait for about 5 seconds before pressing the wheel button with the remote facing the TV. Wait a little while for a “Pairing complete” notification on the TV screen; then you’re done.

Resetting an LG Magic Remote (Method 2)

Long-press the ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons on the remote. You know it’s done when the power button starts to flash. Next, you’ll want to pair it back to the TV by long-pressing the ‘Ok’ button for about 5 seconds.

While that’s the case, some newer models will pair automatically after a reset, while others will only require you long-press the ‘Exit’ or ‘Guide’ button for about 10 seconds.

Re-initializing the Remote

When resetting the remote also fails, you can try initializing to restore the connection. However, it must be said that this method only works if you’ve got a functional remote that’s, for some reason, still failing to connect to the TV.

You can initialize the LG remote by long-pressing the ‘Smart Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons for about 5 seconds. Next, you’ll want to reconnect by long-pressing the wheel button, just as did in the first method of resetting the remote.

When all else fails, it could be that you’ve got a damaged remote on your hands; you will need a replacement to operate the TV. However, if going to the store to pick a remote is something that you can’t do now, you can control your TV with your smartphone in the meantime before getting a replacement.

How to Use your Smart Phone as an LG Remote Control with LG webOS Magic Remote

If you need an urgent LG remote controller, you can use the LG webOS Magic Remote to turn your smartphone into one with these steps:

  • Install the app from the Play Store
  • Connect your phone and TV to the same network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  • Once done, the phone will automatically connect to the TV under the same network.
  • It’s got a very easy layout that allows you to use basic controls like moving the cursor, switching channels, and adjusting volume.