LG Microwave Not Heating: How to Fix

For many years, the LG microwave comes as a great tool for warming up meals. When it comes down to it, this gadget has enough features for performing its tasks.

Although the tool is well-designed, the LG Microwave isn’t a perfect product. According to many users, this device might not heat your meals as expected.

Surprisingly, there are several ways that you can solve this problem. In this article, we will describe all the methods needed to get your non-working microwave fixed.

lg microwave not working

LG Microwave Not Heating: Possible DIY Solutions

Now here are the best steps for fixing your LG Microwave. But before using any of these methods, we suggest that you seek extra advice from a certified professional.

As you work on the LG microwave, do not touch the capacitor as it holds a charge. Also, avoid any wires that might be connected to this component.

1. Check the Power Supply

Before taking the microwave for repairs, ensure that it is well connected to a power source. You can start by checking to push the plug firmly into the socket. If the microwave does not work, connect it to another power source.

2. Work on the Wiring

Sometimes the wiring to the plug can be the source of your power problem. With this in mind, you should check the wire connected to the plug for signs of damage. If you notice any issues with the wires, contact a professional to get things fixed.

3. Work on the Door Switch

Does the light of your LG Microwave come on? Does the turntable remain motionless? If yes, then you might have to work on the door switch of the device.

As you use this method, stay away from the capacitor. Then follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the microwave from the power source
  2. Remove all the screws at the back of the microwave
  3. Take out the screws at the top and bottom of the control panel.
  4. Raise the control panel to expose a small screw underneath.
  5. Take out the screw before pulling the control panel from the microwave.
  6. Remove the housing that holds the door switches.
  7. Remove the leads from the current top door switch and install them on the new switch.
  8. Take out the leads from the middle door switch and install them at the corresponding part of the new switch.
  9. Pull the lead from the bottom door switch to the corresponding position on the new door switch.
  10. Reassemble the housing into the microwave
  11. Reinstall the light and door lock to the microwave
  12. Test the thermistor and fuse with a multimeter
  13. Plugin the microwave into a power source and turn it on. Remember not to touch any part of the device.
  14. If the microwave works perfectly, unplug it from the power.
  15. Reinstall all the screws at the back of the microwave.

4. Check the Power Setting

Sometimes, the cause of your non-heating problem might be due to some previous settings on your microwave. To deal with this problem, you can cancel the previous power settings and choose a higher one.

5. Allow the LG Microwave to Dry

If your LG Microwave is installed above a stovetop, it will be exposed to moisture from the stovetop. As time passes by, this activity might disturb the functions of the microwave.

With this in mind, you can reduce your use of the stove and allow the LG microwave to dry properly. You might even reinstall the microwave at another location.

6. Ring Up the LG Customer Centre

If the gadget still has issues, then it might be time to contact the LG Customer Service center. Asides from providing the best advice for your LG microwave, this service offers certified technicians for any faults.


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