LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice: How to Fix

Across the world, LG refrigerators have become popular with teeming customers. When it comes down to it, these products have great features for keeping various items.

Although there are well-designed, LG fridges might stop making ice from time to time. However, it is possible to fix these products without depending on a technician.

Do you own an LG fridge that produces little or no ice? If yes, you can check out our tips for dealing with this problem.

lg refrigerator not making ice

LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice: 11 Possible Solutions

Although we have come up with the best solutions for a non-working LG refrigerator, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual for extra advice. Now here are some tips for handling an LG refrigerator that does not work.

1. Give It Some Time

Normally, LG fridges do not produce ice immediately. But as you wait for the ice to form, you might think that your fridge has issues.

With this in mind, it is advised that you wait for at least 24 hours before you can see signs of ice. But if the cabinet remains empty, then you might have to try another solution.

2. Set the Temperature

If your fridge does not make ice, you might have to change its settings. But to get the best results, you should aim for a temperature setting of -4°F(-20°C).

As there are different LG fridges, you might need varying settings to adjust their temperature. If you are not sure of the best way to reduce the temperature, check the owner’s manual of your particular LG fridge.

3. Reset the Ice Maker

Is the ice maker turned on your fridge? Are you still having little or no ice? Supposing you answer yes to both questions, then you might have to perform a quick reset on that part of the fridge.

Because there are different types of ice makers, there are no general ways to perform this task. For this reason, you will have to consult the owner’s manual for the right steps to get your ice maker to reset.

4. Reconnect the Water Lines

When you have a poor connection from your water line to your fridge, then your LG fridge will provide ice for your needs. So before calling a technician, look at the water lines at the back of your fridge.

If you notice any kinks or damage on the lines, contact the LG service center to provide advice with this problem. Round up by performing a hard reset on the ice maker.

5. Close Your Fridge Often

Although it looks like a simple tip, closing your fridge can help your LG fridge make ice faster. After all, an open door allows warm air into the cabinet thereby disturbing the ice production process.

You can make things better by opening the door less frequently. After a lengthy amount of time, check if the production of ice has improved on the LG refrigerator. If you cannot find any changes, then you will have to try another method.

6. Get a New Filter

As you use the LG fridge, its filter becomes clogged with different materials. If the mess increases, you might end up with little or no ice. With this in mind, you will have to replace the current filter on your LG fridge. However, this method works better if your filter is older than two years.

7. Push Up the Pressure

Before using this solution, perform a quick test on the LG refrigerator. Supposing your model has a dispenser, attempt to fill up a cup within 8 seconds. If the process takes more time, then you will have to improve the pressure on your fridge.

To get things on track, you can replace your filter or even connect the water lines ( to your fridge) properly. If you use a reverse osmosis system, then you will have to get a plumber to work to improve the pressure in your home.

8. Install a New Ice Maker

As with any device, your LG icemaker might have developed a fault. With this problem, you cannot get the right amount of ice from your LG Refrigerator.

Before you replace your ice maker, check the control panel for an “iT” error message. If you notice this code on the display, schedule a repair date on the LG website. When the time comes, the service will send a professional to help with the problem.

9. Check Your Power Source

Is your fridge switched on? Is the plug properly connected to the wall outlet? If not, then you might end up without ice in your LG fridge.

You can avoid this issue by inserting the power plug properly into a working socket. Besides, you should also get a professional to fix any damaged or frayed wires at this part of the fridge.

10. Visit the LG website

On the LG website, you can find loads of advice for dealing with ice- making problems. If you can’t find your manual, this platform comes as a suitable replacement for getting help info to fix such issues.

11. Call the LG Customer Centre

If any of our tips do not help, then you will have to ring up the LG customer center. Asides from offering expert technical advice, this service can provide the best hands for your “LG Refrigerator not making ice” problem. You can reach this service by phone, email, or social media handles.