LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi: How to Fix

With an LG Smart TV, you can connect to the internet and access many features. To get the best results, you will need a strong WiFi connection.

By design, such a Smart TV can connect to a WiFi network without any stress. But due to some problems, the device might not work as expected.

Does your LG TV have a poor or no connection to a WiFi network? If you have a positive answer to this question, then you can find the right solutions for these problems in our article.

lg smart tv not connecting to wifi

LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi: 10 Possible Fixes

Before using our tips, we recommend that you consult the manual that comes with your TV. Now here are the different ways to fix an LG TV that cannot connect to the internet.

1. Switch Off the QuickStart Feature

Thanks to the QuickStart feature, an LG TV can start quicker than TVs from other brands. Although it has its bright sides, Quick Start might stop your Smart TV from connecting to a WiFi network. For this reason, it is advised that you disable this feature with the following steps:-

  • Grab your remote and hit the Settings button
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Quick Start -> Off
  • Hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds
  • Wait for the TV to go off
  • Switch on the TV and ensure you see the LG WebOS logo.

2. Take Out the USB Devices

Even if it looks weird, USB devices can mess with the WiFi connection of your LG TV. For this reason, it would help if you removed such devices from their ports. After taking out the device, check if the TV can connect properly to a WiFi network.

3. Get the Latest Software

As you use an LG Smart TV, the software tends to suffer several glitches. As a result, you might experience several problems including a poor  Wi-Fi connection.  But as this solution requires an internet connection, you will have to use a modem for this task.

To update your LG  Smart TV, you can use either WebOS or NetCast.

For webOS:

  1. Press the Home Button on the remote control.
  2. Pick the Settings icon at the top of your screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose All Settings
  4. Choose General Settings -> About this TV
  5. Pick Allow Automatic Updates
  6. Head to the Check for Updates button
  7. Use the on-screen instructions to complete the update
  8. Wait for the update to become complete
  9. Test the TV

For Netcast:

  1. Hit the Home Button On Your Remote
  2. Choose Settings -> Others -> Software Update
  3. Activate Software Update
  4. Select Check Update Version
  5. Wait for the TV to complete the upgrade
  6. Test the TV

4. Disable the Simplink On Your Smart TV

Are you still looking for an easy way to fix your WiFi? If yes, then you might have to use the following settings to switch off the Simplink feature on the product.

  • Grab your TV remote and hit the Settings button
  • Go to All Settings -> General-> Simplink ( HDMI – CEC) -> Off
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down button for 11 – 12 secs
  • Release the keys as soon as the LG logo boots up
  • Test the TV with a WiFi connection

5. Get a Modem

Asides from a WiFi connection, you can use a router to browse with your LG TV. To use this solution, you will have to get an Ethernet cord.

6. Stay Away from Interference

Baby monitors, microwave ovens, and cordless phones emit signals that might disturb the WiFi connection on your TV. For this reason, it is would be ideal if you kept these gadgets from your Smart TV. Remember to test the TV with a WiFi Connection.

7. Check with Your Data Service

Supposing your subscription to your data service runs out, you cannot use the WiFi features of your LG TV. When you have this issue, you might think that the LG TV has some connection issues.

Depending on your service provider, check its app or place a call for the details of your tariff plan. If you don’t have a running subscription, you can apply for a new one and retry the connection on your TV.

8. Power Cycle the TV

As with most electrical devices, a quick reset might be enough to clear any problems on your LG TV. Start by removing the plug from the television. Then hold down the Power button for at least 30 seconds.

Insert the TV plug back into the power outlet. Next, switch it on the TV and attempt to reconnect your WiFi service.

9. Focus on the Connected Router

Use the mobile hotspot feature on your phone to connect the TV to the internet. If things work out, then you might have to work on the router.

There are several ways to deal with a bad router. For instance, you might perform a reboot or try a factory reset.  You can also check the device for signs of damage on the router itself.

10. Reach Out to the LG Customer Service

Did our tips help solve your “LG TV WiFi not connecting” problem? If not, then you will have to contact the LG Customer service for professional advice. Asides from offering skills, this service provides technicians for any repairs.