LG TV Airplay Not Working: How to Fix

Do you own an LG TV? If yes, then you might be able to use the airplay feature to stream content from your TV. Although this feature is designed to support various content, it might fail from time to time.

Reaching out to the service center can look like the only option. However, there are several ways to solve this problem without any professional help.

lg tv airplay not working

In this article, we have created various ways to deal with an Airplay problem on your LG TV. So if you want to fix this issue, you can use the following tips.

LG TV Airplay Not Working? Try These Fixes

Before using our tips, check the owner’s manual for extra advice for dealing with LG TV airplay. Now here are our ideas for working on an Airplay that does not work.

1. Get the Right Distance

If you want to use Airplay technology, it would be ideal if you placed both devices close to each other. After all, such distance ensures that you get the best connection for your content.

So, if you want to use the Airplay feature, move the IOS device close to the LG screen. Although the devices should be close to each other, there is no need to place them side by side.

2. Activate the Airplay Feature

Yes, you might have forgotten to switch on the Airplay feature on your IOS device. For this reason, your LG TV might not mirror the content on the display of your phone.

As expected this problem can be solved quickly. After all, activating the Airplay option on your iOS device can help restore a connection with the LG TV.

If you don’t know how to activate Airplay on your device, try the following steps

  • Grab your IOS device
  • Click on System Preferences -> Display
  • Choose the available display from the drop-down menu
  • Search the Apple menu bar for the AirPlay icon
  • Select an Apple TV or Airplay-enabled smart Tv

3. Reset the IOS device

Sometimes the solution to your LG TV Airplay issue might involve a full reset on your IOS device. To perform this task, turn on the device and allow it to power up totally. If this idea does not work, you might have to try other tricks.

4. Stay On The Same Network

To get a flawless connection for Airplay, it would help if the TV and the IOS device were on the same network. If you are not sure of your network, check the Settings option on your television.

5. Use the Right IOS Device / TV

Before you can use Airplay,  make sure your TV and mobile device can support the technology. For TVs, pick any OLED or UHD TV from as far back as 2018 while the mobile device should not be older than the iPhone 4. If well connected, these items should offer the best conditions for viewing Airplay content.

6. Update the Software On Your LG TV

The software on your LG TV might look top-notch. But when it gets outdated, the resulting glitches might affect the Airplay services on the same TV.

There are several ways that can help you update your LG TV software. If you are using the Internet for your update, you will have to use the following settings.

For webOS:

  1. Press the Home Button on the remote control.
  2. Pick the Settings icon at the top of your screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose All Settings
  4. Choose General Settings -> About this TV
  5. Pick Allow Automatic Updates
  6. Head to the Check for Updates button
  7. Use the on-screen instructions to complete the update
  8. Wait for the update to become complete

For Netcast:

  1. Hit the Home Button On Your Remote
  2. Choose Settings -> Others -> Software Update
  3. Activate Software Update
  4. Select Check Update Version
  5. Wait for the TV to complete the upgrade

7. Pump Up the Volume

Does your Airplay device play video without sound? If yes, then you will have to increase the audio on the IOS device or LG TV. Supposing your iPhone or iPad is the source of the content, check the Ring/Silent switch on the device.

8. Change the Hardware

According to some users, using an older router and IPS can lead to an Airplay problem on your TV. But if you get a newer router, there is a high chance that you will enjoy watching content via Airplay.

9. Reach Out to the Customer Support

Our tips should solve any Airplay settings problems on your LG TV. But if using them does not get things on track, then you might have to contact the LG customer care service. By using this option, you can enjoy the best advice for fixing problems or get the services of a certified technician.