LG TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix

The LG brand with the slogan “Life’s Good” has stood the test of time in the world of electronics. Their major products range from refrigerators, fans, blenders, to air conditioners, and other electrical appliances. However our focus today is on the LG TV remote control.

You might have had a television for a while and out of the blues, the remote stops working on a day that you have guests to entertain. We understand how annoying that could be, which is why we will be showing you how to fix a malfunctioning LG television remote in this post.

lg tv remote not working

Why is your LG TV remote not working?

One of the first steps to solving a problem is identifying the problem and the cause of the problem. Some of the reasons your LG TV remote may not be working include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Battery discharge
  • Inactive sensor
  • Disconnection
  • Software lag

1. Battery discharge

Whether you are using a standard remote or a magic smart LG TV remote, battery failure could be a reason your remote is not working. Remote battery cells could drain away, and affect the responsiveness of any appliances. However, it could also be that the remote was not properly placed. Maybe the remote fell and the batteries fell out, and you unwittingly placed the batteries in the same direction. The remote will not work this way.

2. Inactive sensor

 Every remote has an infrared light at its top. This light is like a transmitter, passing messages from the remote to the television. So sometimes the reason your LG TV remote is not working is that the sensor on the remote is not working, or the recipient sensor on the LG television is bad.

3. Disconnection 

Your LG TV remote won’t work if a few cables are not properly connected or have been disconnected. This is more common with an LG Smart TV remote. So before freaking out or rushing off to see the customer service officer, check your LG TV and LG remote connection.

4. Software Lag

The issue of software lag is a bit complicated because one is not certain how it happens or why it happens. However, it is easily identifiable and not too delicate to fix. It is something you can fix yourself.

How to fix an LG TV remote that is not working

We have seen some of the factors behind the non-responsiveness of an LG TV remote – smart or standard.

Troubleshooting devices to identify the exact cause of a problem, or the trigger for a fault is incomplete without any corresponding solution to the problem. So in this section, we will be showing how you can fix your unresponsive LG TV remote whether it’s for a smart TV or a standard TV.

After troubleshooting and getting to know why your LG TV remote is not working, here is how you can fix it.

1. Fix a battery discharge

For a battery discharge, the solution is very simple. Get new batteries and replace the old ones. Before putting the new batteries, make sure that you wipe the battery space clean with a dry cloth, especially if the old batteries leaked some fluid in the space so that it doesn’t affect the new batteries.

2. Fix an inactive sensor

Every remote has a LED, observe the infrared sensor by pressing a button on the remote, and looking at the infrared LED through your phone camera. If the LED is working, you will see a flash on your phone, if it is not, you will see nothing on your phone screen.

Should the infrared led be okay, then the fault must be on the infrared light receiver on the TV. To fix this, unplug the TV for a while and plug it back in after 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes, five minutes does the trick.

If the infrared light is not showing, then change your batteries.

3. Fix disconnection problems

It is possible that a button is not working anymore; if this is the case, you can contact LG customer service.

However, for an LG Smart TV remote, you should check the Bluetooth connections and pairings. If the problem persists, disconnect and unpair, then turn the TV off, unplug the socket for a while, then replug, turn the TV on, pair, and reconnect.

4. Fix software lag

This is also very easy to handle. Just disconnect your magic (smart TV) remote from the TV, reset the magic remote, and reconnect. If trouble persists, contact the customer care center.


Slapping the remote is not a solution; troubleshooting and trying out any of the do-it-yourself solutions offered above is key. Please do not slap away the destiny of your LG remote (LOL). Maintenance is key to having a lasting appliance.