Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

If you have an Onn Roku TV, there is a chance that your Onn Roku TV remote control is not operating the TV, or the TV is slow to respond to signals from the remote.

You can fix the problem of your Onn Roku TV remote using the steps outlined in this article.

onn roku tv remote control not working

Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working? Try These Fixes

1. Restart your Onn Roku TV

You can restart or reset your Onn Roku TV to get your remote functional again. There are two ways to restart your TV.

  • The first way is to remove the cable from the power source and wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging the TV back in.

When your Roku TV is back on, try to use your remote; it should work normally now.

  • Another way to restart your Onn Roku TV, more like a reset, is by turning to the back of your TV. There is a reset button close to the ports. Use something like the tip of your pen to hold the button for a few seconds, until your Onn Roku TV logo shows.

If restarting your TV does not fix the remote problem, continue reading.

2. Check and remove the batteries

Before you remove your remote batteries, make sure you remove the Roku TV from the power source, and wait for 60 seconds before plugging it back in again.

While your TV is off, remove your remote battery and put it back in.

Now, plug your Roku TV cable back to a power source.

This should solve the problem; but if it doesn’t, there are more options to explore.

3. Press each button on your remote a few times

It is likely to have things like dust, liquids, and food crumbs get into the buttons. When these things find their way into the remote, it affects the function of your remote.

It either stops every button from working or causes some buttons not to respond.

However, the button of your remote might also get stuck from mishandling.

Pressing each button several times will remove anything that’s stuck in it and get your remote working again.

Before you press the buttons:

  • Remove your Roku TV from the power source
  • Remove the batteries of your remote

Also, slam the remote on your palm gently to remove whatever is stuck in it.

You can now put your battery back in, plug your Roku TV back into the power source, and test your remote.

4. Replace the batteries

This will most likely solve your remote problem if the batteries are weak or dead.

Take out the old batteries, check for liquid spills or corrosion. Leaking batteries will damage your remote in no time.

However, if the battery is not leaking, you might still replace them with a new set of batteries to be on the safe side.

Before inserting new batteries, press each button on your remote a few times to discharge any stored energy in the device.

With this, you are definitely good to go.

5. Get the Onn Roku TV remote app

The Onn Roku TV has a remote control app that you can download from Apple Store for iOS users or the Play Store for Android users.

Use the app to control your Onn Roku TV, but it is advisable that you use it for a short time since it might damage your mobile device’s battery in the long run.

6. Replace the Onn Roku TV remote

If nothing else worked and your Onn Roku TV remote control is totally damaged, the only option left open to you is to replace it with a new one. You can get a new Onn Roku TV remote on platforms like Amazon or just contact Roku customer centers.