Realtek WiFi Adapter Not Working: How to Fix

To connect to WiFi services, Realtek built a special WIFI adapter. Although it’s small in size, this device offers some of the best connections around.

As you use the adapter, it might not act as expected. Supposing you notice anything weird with your Realtek adapter, you can easily deal with this problem.

realtek wifi adapter not working

Realtek WiFi Adapter Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Before using our recommended steps, please consult the owner’s manual of the adapter. You might also ask the customer service of the Realtek adapter. Now let’s learn how to fix a Realtek WIFI adapter.

1. Update Your Drivers

Drivers are required to make a WiFi adapter work perfectly. So if they become corrupt or outdated, they might not offer the best connection. However, a quick update is needed to get the best drivers.

Before performing an update, consult the customer service of your computer company. If you don’t have plans to perform the update on your own, consider taking them to a professional technician.

2. Change the Adapter Settings

Another great way to fix a faulty adapter is to toggle the adapter settings. Unlike some of our suggestions, this solution does not require any technical experience.

To get started,

  • Open the Device Manager settings on your computer. Click on the WiFi adapter and open its properties.
  • Scroll to the Advanced tab
  • Choose 802.11n channel width for 2.4GHz and set it 20MHz only
  • Finish the settings by clicking OK

3. Use an Old Driver

Yes, you read right. You can use an old driver to solve any Realtek WiFi adapter issues. But this method is perfect if your problem started after a Windows 10 update.

  • Hit the Windows button + X
  • Head to Settings -> Update and Security
  • Click Troubleshooter -> Additional Troubleshooter
  • Run the Troubleshooter


  • Hit the Windows button + X
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Expand the Network Adapter
  • Head to the installed wireless driver, right-click the tab, and hit Update
  • Search for Browse my computer for driver
  • Choose the Let Me Pick Available Drivers option
  • Select an old driver and use it

4. Reset the Network Settings

  • Click the Settings -> Network & Settings -> Status
  • Scroll to “Change your network settings” and choose the Network reset option
  • Click the Reset Now tab
  • Click Yes
  • Restart Your Computer

5. Reset Your Router

If you are still having problems with your Realtek Wifi Adapter, you might have to deal with a poor router setup. Luckily, you can solve this problem with the touch of the router’s reset button.

Instead of entering the settings manually, save the current configuration.  settings.  If you are not sure of the right way to reset your router, check the owner’s manual.

6. Turn On Your Network

It is easy to think that you have a bad Realtek adapter. But in truth, you might have switched off the required network settings. To be sure of your network status, it would help if you checked and enabled the settings with the following steps :

  • Head to Search
  • Type devicemgr
  • Find the wireless adapter, double click it to open its properties
  • Scroll to the Driver tab and head to the Enable button. If it’s visible, then click on it. But if not, then it’s already active

7. Reset Your Network

A simple reset might get your Realtek adapter up and running. With this feature, you can start the default network settings.

  • Start by going to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Status -> Network Reset
  • Go to Reset Now
  • Choose Yes
  • Allow the PC to restart and check your internet settings

8. Delete the Wireless Profile

Supposing you want to remove your wireless profile, you will have to use the Command prompt on your system. Now here are the steps that should help with this task.

  • Type cmd into the Search bar
  • Wait for the Command Prompt stats to open
  • Type in the following commands

netsh wlan delete

profile name=”WirelessProfileName”

  • Type in the real name of your wireless connection

9. Reach Out the Realtek Technical Support Service

Have you reached out to the Realtek tech support service? When it comes down to it, this service offers the best advice for using a Realtek WIFI adapter. You can reach this service by email, fax, or telephone.

10. Get a New Adapter

If your Realtek adapter behaves weirdly, then it might have suffered real damage. Instead of bothering about fixing this device, you can save time by getting a replacement.

Realtek adapters can be found across various stores. If you cannot get one, contact Realtek customer service for a list of reliable dealers.

How to Care for Your Realtek Wifi Adapter

If you take care of your adapter, you can extend the service life on your WiFi adapter. Start by keeping the device from moisture and rough handling. Also, ensure that you connect the Wifi Adapter without any force as excess pressure might break its pins.


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