Ring Doorbell Battery Not Charging: How to Fix

Your Ring Doorbell not charging could be something that you can wave off with a few checks or a serious problem that requires a big fix. Fortunately, Ring is a reputable company known to produce some of the most reputable products in the market including the Ring Doorbell, so you’re less likely to be facing a serious issue.

ring doorbell battery not charging

Ring Doorbell Battery Not Charging: Tips to Fix the Problem

If your Ring Doorbell won’t charge, it could be a problem with the Ring app, the USB charging cable, the charger, or just that you need a new battery. Now, let’s look at the possible causes of this problem and the fixes you can apply.

1. “Warm” the Battery by Charging It

Like most devices powered by a battery, the Ring Doorbell won’t work best in the cold. You can take this as the cause of the problem during the winter as the cold will prevent the battery from holding a charge. If that is the case, then you need to take the battery inside and recharge it.

You might want to hardwire the device but that might not be able to solve the problem. As the temperatures fall below freezing, it will be difficult for the battery to accept an external charge.

2. Refresh the Ring App Battery Status

The problem is less likely to be due to cold weather and could be due to a simpler option. The Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell 2, and Ring Doorbell, or 3 Plus can be run on their lithium batteries and will have to be charged manually. The Ring app will tell you when the battery is low.

However, if you notice that the battery stays in the same position during or after charging, try triggering the motion detection or ringing the doorbell. Any of these two will refresh the ring app battery status.

3. Check the Wire Connection

If there is a problem with your Wi-Fi connection, then the Ring app won’t show the actual battery status. Another problem could arise if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection. If the battery isn’t charging on the app, resetting your router will fix this.

You will have to set up the connection on your Ring Doorbell again to check. If you notice a weak Wi-Fi signal, this could drain the battery fast as the device will keep searching for the Wi-Fi signal.

4. Check the USB Cable

If you’re making use of a USB cable, then this should be the first place to check. If the USB cable has been working before and suddenly the Ring Doorbell stopped charging, then you should test the cable on another appliance. If it fails to charge then you should get another USB cable and test it on the doorbell.

5. Check if the Charger is Working

For the Ring Doorbell to charge, the charger needs to have enough power. A charger rated 2.1A should charge the battery in about 4 to 6 hours depending on the model. If the rating is lower, it will take more time to charge the battery and you might think that the battery is not charging at all.

If you notice that the Ring Doorbell is not charging all of a sudden, it could be due to a faulty charger. You might want to try charging the doorbell with an alternative device to see if it works. After that, you can conclude that the problem is due to a faulty charger.

6. Check if the Battery is Damaged or Still Viable

In some cases, you could be dealing with a damaged battery but that’s less likely to happen. A more likely situation is when you have a less viable battery. Just like mobile phone batteries, the Ring Doorbell battery will diminish with time. It won’t be able to hold a charge as fast as before and would have to be replaced. This is mostly true if you’ve had your Ring Doorbell for a while (say, 2 to 3 years)  The Ring Doorbell also have a minimum and maximum operating temperatures rates of between -5°F (-20.5°C) and 120°F (48.5°C). If the temperature exceeds or goes below the minimums and maximums, the battery will degrade faster.

Another thing to note is complete discharge. If you allow the battery to discharge completely, it may no longer be able to hold a charge. If the battery has been fully discharged consistently, then you might have to get a new battery.

7. Check if a Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

Sometimes, it might not be a problem with the Ring Doorbell itself but with your home wiring system. If you’ve hardwired your Ring Doorbell, then it will charge automatically. If not, it could indicate a problem with your power supply. Move to the Devices Health section in your Ring Doorbell app to check the power status. If it shows everything is good then you might want to check your power supply. It might be insufficient to charge the battery. Check your circuit breakers to ensure that none has tripped.

8. Your Ring Doorbell Could be Faulty

For Ring Doorbell models with a built-in battery, there could be a poor connection in the internal contacts. If this is this problem it could indicate that the Ring Doorbell is faulty and needs to be fixed. If you find that they are properly connected, yet the Ring Doorbell battery still won’t charge, then you want might want to check on your warranty and go straight to Ring customer support, they should help you out if your warranty covers such problems.

Final Thoughts

The tips here apply to users who use the battery as the power source or have their Ring Doorbell hardwired. You should try all the tips according to your connection style to try and solve the problem on your own before heading to Ring Doorbell customer support. In most cases, refreshing the battery status in the app by ringing the bell, changing your USB cable and USB charger will solve the problem. Replacing the battery could also work especially if you have been using the Ring Doorbell for a while.