Ring Solar Panel Not Charging: Causes and Fixes

Ring is a company that offers various smart tools for protecting your home and community. Asides from having cameras, the brand offers some of the most innovative doorbells around.

With the Ring doorbell, you can answer the door from inside or outside your home. Also, this product has a camera for viewing anyone at the door.

To stay active, the Ring video doorbell uses solar batteries. As expected, these batteries have to be charged from time to time via a solar panel. But sometimes, you might notice that these power sources do not get enough juice.

Is your Ring Solar Panel not charging properly? If yes, you can use tips from this post to find possible reasons for this problem. Here, you will also discover ways that can keep help the panel work properly.

ring solar panel not charging

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging: Likely Causes and Fixes

Below are some reasons why your solar panel might not charge properly.

1. Poor Weather Conditions

Do you live in an area with too many clouds, rain, or snow?  If yes, the ring solar panel might not receive the right amount of natural light needed to power up the batteries.

Before getting enough power for the batteries of the doorbell, the solar panels should receive between three to four hours of direct sunlight.

Since it’s impossible to control the weather, you might have to use the doorbell in this condition until the weather clears up. Although you might have not had an ideal charge, the panels can still work for a decent amount of time.

If you don’t mind spending extra cash, it would help if you swapped for the panel for other devices. According to experts, a plug-in adapter or hardwired transformer can power the doorbell without relying on natural light.b

2. Wrong Positioning

Placing the panels in a shaded area will result in poorly charged batteries. When it comes down, such locations prevent natural light from reaching the cells.

Now, what is the best spot for installing the ring solar panel? Well, place the panel at a 45° angle in a space with direct sunlight. Furthermore, ignore any ideas to keep the panels indoors.

3. Faulty Connection

As you set up the Ring solar panel, you might have not connected the wires properly. For this reason, you can end up with a lesser charge than expected. But if you have some DIY experience, you can easily handle this problem.

Start by opening the Ring App on your mobile device. Then scroll through it and confirm if the panel is connected. To solve this issue, detach the panel from the doorbell and clear any blockages.

But if the issue persists, confirm if the wiring is connected to the right spaces on the panel. You should also lookout for any damaged wires.

4. A Damaged Panel

Sometimes your ring solar panel might get a direct hit from hailstones or other materials. Because of this incident,  there is a high chance of cracks occurring on the surface of the panel. And as time passes, dirt will get into the spaces and cause problems.

If you notice any cracks on your panel, you will have to replace the unit. To get a perfect replacement, reach out to the Ring customer service desk.

5. Full Battery

To extend the life of Ring batteries, they are designed not to charge until they reach 90%. When this feature becomes activated, people think that the solar panels have stopped working.

6. Very Low Battery

The motion detection feature on the doorbell can drain the charge on your ring batteries. Even if you try to charge the batteries with natural daylight, turning on this feature will disturb the recharge.

Avoid this issue by switching off the motion detection setting of the connected device. Then remove the battery and power it up with a regular charger. Do not unplug the battery until it gets a full charge.

7. Dirty Ring Solar Panel

According to experts, solar panels become less efficient especially when they are covered in dirt. So if you don’t deal with the mess, you will end up with poorly charged batteries.

There is nothing much to cleaning a ring solar panel. Simply pick a soft brush and remove any debris. Next, wipe the panel with a soft cloth and a little window cleaner liquid. To avoid scratches, use straight but gentle strokes to clean the panel.

If you can’t find a store-bought cleaner, consider using a solution of mild soap and water. Remember to use a small amount of the liquid with a clean, soft cloth.

8. Unsuitable Temperature

Ring ensures that its solar panels can withstand various conditions. With this in mind, a Ring solar panel can function efficiently within a range of – 20°F to 120°F. If you use the panels outside the recommended temperatures, it will not offer the best service.

If you are not sure of the right steps to take, you might have to use the panel until the temperatures become favorable. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea, consider asking the Ring Customer service for support.

Tips for Taking Care of Ring Solar Panels

If you want to extend the service life on your ring polar panels, you will have to take proper care of them. Here are some tips that might make them last longer.

1. Clean the Panels Regularly

Wiping out debris is ideal for extending the life of your solar panels. Instead of cleaning them daily, try performing this task at least once a month.

2. Install the Panel Properly

If your panel installation is handled by a professional, it should function as expected. You can contact the customer service center to offer an available technician for the installation.

3. Purchase Original Ring Products

Normally, Ring solar panels are built to offer the best services. But if you use the counterfeit versions, they might not supply your battery with the right charge. If you are looking for trusted dealers of this product, reach out to the customer service desk of the company.