Roku TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

Are you having problems with your Roku TV remote control? Use the tips in this article to fix it so you can get back to enjoying your show.

Roku TV Remote Not Working: Causes & Fixes

roku tv remote not working

The first thing you need to understand is that Roku TV has two types of remote controls, and fixing the problem of unresponsiveness depends on the type of remote that is at fault.

There is:

  • The Enhanced ‘Point Anywhere’ Remote
  • The Standard IR ❲infrared❳ Remote

The enhanced ‘point anywhere’ remote connects over a wireless network so you do not need to point your remote at your Roku decoder before it works.

You can control your Roku TV from anywhere.

Unlike the enhanced remote, the standard IR remote uses infrared, so you need to be closer to your Roku TV and also point your remote at the TV before it works.

Now you want to know which type of remote you use, right? It’s easy, you can know this in just two steps.

  1. Open the battery compartment of your Roku TV remote
  2. Check if there’s a pairing button just as identified in the picture below

If there is, you have the enhanced ‘point anywhere’ remote. The enhanced ‘point anywhere’ remote uses the pairing feature to connect to your Roku TV while the standard IR uses infrared.

Now that you can tell which Roku TV remote you’re using, let’s fix the problem.

How to fix an enhanced Roku remote

Remove batteries from your remote. Sometimes, just tweaking your battery can make your remote work better. You might also have to replace the battery in some cases. Dead batteries are usually the most common cause of your remote not working.

Restart your Roku remote and TV. By just restarting your remote and TV, your Roku remote can start working again. Remove your power cable from the source or from your Roku TV, wait for 10 seconds or less and restart. Once you restart, reconnect your remote when the home screen shows. If this does not fix it then try the next tip.

Connect to a 5G wireless network. Since the remote uses a wireless network, it is important to use a strong network, preferably a 5G wireless network. If you can, navigate to Settings – Network  – Set up connection  – Wireless

Re-pair your remote with your Roku device. Restart your Roku device and wait for 10 seconds or less. Press and hold the pairing button in the battery compartment area of your Roku remote shown in the diagram above for a few seconds. Wait until you see the pairing light on the remote and hold it for about 30 seconds, a remote pairing dialog will appear on your TV screen. Follow it and complete the pairing.

Get the Roku mobile app. Whether you are using the enhanced remote or the standard IR remote, it doesn’t matter here. Anyone can download the Roku mobile app. The app is available on iOS and Android. There are so many features on the app to explore, and while the app can be used as a remote, this is not advisable. The Roku TV remote discharges batteries quickly, so if you constantly use your mobile as a remote, it might damage your mobile battery.

How to fix a standard Roku remote

Check for blocked signal. The standard IR remote uses infrared to connect to your Roku TV; hence, if there is anything blocking the signal between the remote and the TV, the remote will not work. Check if there is an object or maybe someone obstructing the signal and remove them. If it is too heavy, you can raise your hand over the obstacle to make sure that the remote connects with the TV.

Replace your battery. Dead or leaking batteries is the most likely reason your remote isn’t working, but getting a new battery will fix it.

Restart your device. Remove your power cable or reset your device by navigating to settings and reset options. Once you are about to restart, wait for 5 seconds before reconnecting.

Get the Roku mobile app. Use the mobile app to control your Roku TV, although this is not advisable because constant use of the app as remote damage your mobile battery. It is important to note is that when your Roku remote is hot that you can feel it in your palm, stop using it immediately. Remove the battery and allow the remote to cool down.

Usually, leaking batteries is a leading cause of overheating so watch out for that. If you don’t, it will damage your battery.

If any of these does not fix the problem, then you need to replace your remote. You can get a new remote by contacting the RokuTV support center.


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