Samsung Ice Maker Not Working: How to Fix

In many homes and businesses, a Samsung refrigerator is the preferred device for storing various items. Asides from properly keeping your food and drink, this item has an icemaker that allows you to make and dispense ice quickly.

Although it is well-designed, the icemaker might develop some issues and not work. As a result, you might be thinking of a new fridge. But before rushing out to the store, you can try out some of our solutions for working on the Samsung Icemaker problem.

samsung ice maker not working

Samsung Ice Maker Not Working: 11 Possible Fixes

Here are some of the ideal solutions for fixing a faulty Samsung dryer. But before using our ideas, we suggest that you check the Samsung manual or website for extra advice.

1. Turn On the Ice Maker

Before you can get ice from your ice maker, you will have to switch on the latter. Depending on your model, you can perform this setting by hitting the Ice Maker button on the control panel. Supposing you are not sure of the right way to activate your ice maker, you will have to check your Samsung user manual.

2. Try A Power Cycle

If you power cycle your Samsung Ice Maker, it might start to work. To get started, unplug the fridge from its power source or switch it off at the circuit breakers. Then wait for a few minutes before powering it up.

3. Clear the Error Codes

After a power cycle for your ice maker, your fridge might offer an error code. If you are not sure about the meaning of these characters, you can check the user manual of your device for a list of their descriptions.

If you want to clear the error code, do not unplug the power outlet from the wall. Instead, you should use the solution offered in the manual.

4. Get the Right Pressure

Are you still having issues with your Samsung Ice Maker? If yes, then you should focus on the pressure that comes from the dispenser on your Samsung fridge.

Usually, the dispenser should have enough pressure to fill up a six-ounce cup within 10 seconds. If you have less pressure, then your ice maker will not perform as expected.

There is nothing much to get the best pressure for your Samsung Ice maker. You can start by fully connecting the water lines to your fridge. Furthermore, ensure that the valve is completely turned on while the water hose is not damaged.

5. Ring Up the Plumber

Although the ice maker issue can look like an electrical problem, your local plumber can get it fixed. But this solution is suitable for users that connect their Samsung fridges to reverse osmosis systems.

Now the question comes – what can a plumber do with an ice maker problem? Well, this professional has the right skills for dealing with RO systems thereby improving the water pressure in your home.

6. Reset the Ice Maker

By using the Reset feature on your Ice Maker, you should get the best ice from your dispenser. Here are the right steps for activating this feature:

  1. Check for the Test button on the Samsung Ice Maker
  2. Press and hold the button until you hear a chime.
  3. Allow the cycle to be complete
  4. Wait for the chime to be heard the second time
  5. Wait for 8 hours before you notice any signs of ice production.
  6. Dispense the ice from the bucket from time to time.
  7. Wait for 24 hours for the ice maker to produce the right amount of ice.

7. Get a New Filter

If you cannot get ice from your Samsung Icemaker, then you might have to install a new filter on the fridge. For optimal performance, Samsung recommends that you use its line of filters. Asides from being handy, Samsung fridge filters can be installed easily.

To get a new filter into some Samsung Ice Maker models,

  1. Turn off the water supply
  2. Take out the filter and empty the overflow tray.
  3. Insert the new filter and lock it properly
  4. Hold the Filter Reset button for 3 seconds
  5. Switch on the water supply and dispense at least 5 cups worth of water

8. Close the Doors

Leaving your ice maker door open comes as a bad idea. After all, the open door allows warm air to flood the cabinet and reduce its ice-making abilities. So if your ice maker looks faulty, make sure its door stays closed for longer periods. After some time, you check if the ice maker works.

9. Empty the Ice Bucket

As soon as the ice bucket becomes filled with ice, the ice maker will stop working. But you can turn it on by shifting the ice or emptying the bucket into the freezer.

10. Level Your Fridge

Using this step can look pointless. However, it has a surprising way of improving the performance of your ice maker. For the best leveling advice for your fridge, check the owner’s manual or Samsung website.

11. Ring Up the Samsung Service Centre

Sometimes, your efforts might not be enough to fix your Samsung fridge. With this in mind, you will have to reach out to the Samsung Service Centre for extra support. Apart from recommending the best ways to fix the Ice Maker, this service can offer the best technicians for the job.