Samsung Visual Voicemail Not Working: How to Fix

Do you use the Samsung Visual Voicemail? If yes, then you must love this feature that allows you to check voicemails without making calls.

Although this option makes life easier, it is not free of its problems. As you use Visual Voicemail, you might notice some faults with the system. However, there are different ways of dealing with each of these problems.

samsung visual voicemail not working

Samsung Visual Voicemail Not Working? Try These Fixes

Now here are some of the top tips for fixing the Samsung Visual Display on your device. But before using the following tips, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual of your device for additional advice.

1. Reboot Your Device

Supposing your device has an issue with its visual voicemail, it would help if you performed a reboot. When it comes down to it, this operation allows you to clear any bugs that might disturb the voicemail service.

  1. Hold the Side and Power button at the side of your mobile device.
  2. Select the Restart option on your screen
  3. Allow your phone to restart
  4. Confirm if the Samsung Visual Voicemail Works

2. Update the OS

Using the latest Samsung OS is one of the ideal ways for dealing with any Samsung Visual Voicemail issues. But as you use this hack, make sure that you have enough juice on your battery.

  1. Hit the Settings – Software Update
  2. Download and install the update

If you are using Samsung Switch, here are the various steps for performing an update.

  1. Connect the mobile device to a computer via a Samsung USB cable
  2. Launch Smart Switch on your computer and find the device
  3. Click on the Update button and wait for the process to be complete

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Still, having issues with your  Samsung Visual Voicemail? If yes, then it might be time to check the data connection on your device. Supposing the current network looks slow, switch to another network that offers better service.

You should also ensure that your device has an active data subscription.

4. Clear the Cache and Data

You can also fix the app by clearing its cache and data. Although this tip might sound technical, it can be performed by anyone that uses a Samsung device.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Scroll to Apps
  3. Scroll to Visual Voicemail App
  4. Select the App and click on “Storage”
  5. Hit “Clear Cache”
  6. Choose Manage Space and Clear Data

5. Update the Visual Voice Mail App

By using the latest version of the Voice Mail App, you should remove any bugs that can affect its use. To get the best results on your Samsung device, use the following steps to perform this hack.

  1. Visit the Galaxy Store or Google Playstore
  2. Search for ” Voicemail App”
  3. Click on the app and download any updates.

6. Enable Background Processes

Supposing you still have issues with your Samsung Visual Voicemail, it would help if you allowed the app to use data in the background. To enable these settings on a Samsung device, try the following steps:

  1. Scroll to the Settings app – Apps Manager
  2. Search for the Samsung Visual Voicemail app
  3. Click on the app
  4. Choose Mobile Data – Allow Mobile Data Usage

7. Disable Call Forwarding

As you are looking for tips to deal with a faulty Samsung Visual Voicemail app, make sure you turn off the call forwarding option on your device. If you are not sure of the right steps for performing this hack, use the following steps:-

  1. Click on the Menu button
  2. Click on Settings- Call Settings- Voice Call – Call Forwarding – Always Forward – Diable

8. Turn On the Samsung Visual Voicemail App

Sometimes, the issue with your Samsung Visual Voicemail app might be as easy as enabling the app on your device.

  1. Launch the Phone app
  2. Click on three vertical dots on the upper part of your screen
  3. Click Call Settings – Voicemail – Turn On Visual Voicemail

9. Visit the Samsung Customer Service

As expected, you can use this service to fix any issues with voicemail. Instead of working with a glitchy voicemail, take a few moments to visit the closest Samsung outlet. Moreover, you can reach this service via email, telephone, or the Samsung Members app.