Samsung Washer Stuck on Lock: Causes & Fixes

Samsung washer door stuck on lock could be due to several reasons. In most cases, it could be due to your settings or a protective feature of the machine itself. Regardless of the reason, you should find it easy to get the washer door open.

Below, we’ve listed the causes of the “Samsung washer stuck on lock” problem as well as the fixes to apply.

samsung washer stuck on lock

Samsung Washer Stuck on Lock: Causes

  • Child Lock is Engaged
  • Wash Cycle is Still Running
  • Washer is Turned Off
  • The washer is filled with water
  • Samsung Washer Stuck on Lock: Fixes

Samsung Washer Stuck on Lock: Fixes

Check if Child Lock is engaged

Front-load washers come with a feature known as Child Lock to prevent children from opening the door and potentially getting hurt. The Ch9ld Lock feature will disable the button on the control panels except the Power button. In most models, it will lock the door, and the door will stay lock even if restart the washer. When engaged, the door won’t open, so you would have to turn off Child Lock to get the door working again.

How to Turn On Child Lock

Child Lock is activated using a two-button combination labeled on the control panels. In some models, you will find the words “Child Lock” with lines pointing to the appropriate buttons. Other models could have the Child Lock icon displayed on the buttons you’re to press. You can check your user manual to confirm which button you’re to press. Once confirmed, hold both buttons at the same time until a chime sounds. The Child Lock Icon will glow indicate that the feature has been activated.

How to Turn Off Child Lock

Deactivating Child Lock can be done in the same way though there is a little difference. To deactivate Child Lock on models that allow Temporary offsetting, press and hold both buttons once to cause the icon to flash. Once against, press and hold both buttons to make the icon turn off.

Check that the wash cycle is complete

Verify that the timer for the wash cycle has expired and the water is fully drained. The door will be locked until the cycle is completed. If you want to cancel the cycle, touch Start/Pause (Hold to Start). However, if the cycle is completed and the door remains stuck, it could be for the following reasons:

  • Once the wash cycle is complete, it could take a few moments for the door lock mechanism to disengage
  • Ensure that the door lock light is turn off. The light only turns off when the washer is drained.
  • If the washer is paused after the water is supplied, the door will be locked. You will have to wait for up to a minute before the door can be opened.
  • On top loaders, losing power during a cycle will keep the door locked for up to 5 minutes until it resumes normal operation. This is a safety feature designed to protect the unit.

Drain the Emergency Hose

Front load models will lock the washer door if water is detected inside the washer. This feature is to prevent the water from spilling onto your floor. To get rid of the water, you will have to drain the emergency hose. The emergency hose can be found by the pump filter (or debris filter). If you’re using an older model, you might not find a pump filter or an emergency drain hose.

To drain the emergency hose…

  • You will have to get a towel and a container large enough for the amount of water in the washer.
  • Locate the pump filter access panel by pressure on the cover. Locate the rubber drain hose
  • Hold the hose and twist the cap to remove the cap from the drain hose. You will need some extra effort to remove the cap as it forms an airtight seal. Once the cap is removed, drain the water
  • Once all the water is drained, place the drain hose’s cap firmly back onto the drain house. Then secure the drain hose in the mounted clip before closing the access panel.
  • When done, turn the washer off and back on again. This time the door should unlock.

More Information about Child Lock

Before using the child lock feature, it is important for you to know how it works. It is also important to know the right steps to take if your machine loses power while the Child Lock is activated.

  • Keep in mind that the buttons used to disable the Child Lock and the buttons that will still function while the Child Lock feature is activated will vary between models. The buttons will also depend on whether or not a cycle is currently running. It is important to go through your user manual before activating the feature.
  • On some top load washer models, activating the Child Lock will not lock the door. For these models, if there is a lot of water in the washer, and the door is opened, the water will drain to a safe level if the Child Lock is activated. To prevent the water from draining when the door is opened, you will have to disable the Child Lock feature.
  • Restarting your washer will not disable Child Lock
  • FlexWash and FlexDRy models have a separate Child Lock setting for each panel. You will have to check through the user manual on how to turn Child Lock on and off for each panel.
  • On many models, you will find a Temporary off setting for the Child Lock feature. This causes the Child Lock icon to flash and the door will unlock. After a minute, the Child Lock will reengage and lock the door again. If the door remains open when the time is up, the alarm will sound for two minutes. If the door is closed within the timeframe, the Child Lock will stay active; if not, it will deactivate.


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