Sceptre TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

A home is not complete without a modern entertainment system that includes a flat, sleek and smart TV.  Coming from an elite brand, a Sceptre TV comes with one of the easiest-to-use remote controls you can ever find.

The remote is very durable, efficient, and comes complete with all the functions that make a user so comfortable that they never have to get up from the couch. And because of the unique way it is designed, it is easy to repair when it stops functioning with your smart Sceptre TV.

If your remote control ever stops functioning, start the repair process by switching off the TV and unplugging it from its socket. Remove the remote control’s batteries for a couple of minutes (longer is better). Then press the buttons, all of them for some seconds, before reinserting the batteries again. Plug back your TV, switch it on and give the remote a go. It should work just fine.

sceptre tv remote control not working

Sceptre TV Remote Control App: An Alternative Worth Trying

The Spectre remote control is available as a mobile app on smartphones to further expand its functionality. But the app version did not degrade the physical remote device in any way.

One of their brands top remote control is the Smart 4k Android TV device which works with Sceptre Andriod TV UMC and SRC series. It comes with buttons dedicated to Google Play, Netflix, YouTube and Vudu.

It also consists of regular buttons such as volume buttons, channel navigation buttons, and power buttons among others.

Sceptre TV Remote Not Working? Try These Fixes

The Sceptre TV remote control could develop a number of problems depending on how a user uses it. Several factors could be responsible when this remote stops working with your smart TV. If this happens, let’s consider what could be wrong and what you could do to remedy the situation:

Weak/dead batteries

An emphasis should be laid on this. Batteries DO NOT LAST FOREVER. They die and stop working. And when it does, replacing them with new ones is the only thing to do.

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Switch off TV and unplug it from the power socket
  • Replace the old batteries with new ones
  • Plug TV back in and switch it on

Your TV should work just fine now.

Buttons not working

Sometimes, a user finds that some buttons are not communicating with the TV or it’s not communicating as quickly as it should. An easy way to fix this would be to:

  • Switch TV off and unplug from its socket
  • Remove the batteries
  • Hold down the power button for some minutes
  • Press all other buttons several times randomly
  • Let the device rest for a few seconds before replacing the batteries
  • Plug in the TV, switch it on and try the remote again

Dusty remote

When dust settles on a remote control over time, it might cause a malfunction. Cleaning the remote with a soft damp rag will get a good remote like the Sceptre Tv remote working again.

Damage to the remote

Physical damage to the remote cannot be fixed by a user and would need to be taken to a technician.

The Sceptre TV and its remote are durable and intuitive with lots of amazing features. If the remote control stops working with the TV, try out the steps outlined above first before contacting a technical expert for help.