Sceptre TV Sound Problems & How to Fix

Sceptre TVs are quite popular these days because of their durability and high quality. However, they are not void of their problems. If you have a Sceptre TV and it is having sound problems, this post was written for you.

Usually, a simple reset or adjustment of the external hardware should solve the problem. Most of these basic troubleshooting processes take only a few minutes. After you complete them, your Sceptre TV should start producing a sound like before. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the possible Sceptre TV sound problems and how to fix them.

sceptre tv sound problems

Possible Sceptre TV Sound Problems and DIY Fixes

Ever switched on your Sceptre TV to see the game that you have anticipated all week, only for it not to produce sound? That must be very frustrating. The good news is that with a few troubleshooting measures, you can fix the sound issue.

What are the possible Sceptre TV sound problems? The most common is that the TV is not producing sound and another is that the sound is very low. Sometimes, the sound fluctuates and it can be so annoying especially when you really need to listen to dialog on TV.

What can cause your Sceptre TV to develop these sound problems? There are a few possible reasons including:

  • Outdated firmware.
  • Software glitch.
  • Faulty cables.
  • Poor connection.
  • Faulty external hardware.

Fixing your TV’s sound problems is pretty easy and should take a few minutes if any of these issues caused the problem. We will show you some easy fixes in the next few paragraphs.

Fix 1: Inspect the Sceptre TV

When you notice that your Sceptre TV is not producing sound or the sound is very low, you need to first inspect the TV. Check it properly for any possible anomalies. You should begin by picking up your remote and pressing the mute button. Do this to check that you did not previously mute the TV volume by mistake.

If the volume is not muted, try increasing the volume of the TV. You may have reduced the volume to the minimum before now. Also, check the TV to be sure that there are no physical damages like dents or cracks resulting from a fall. If you have done all of these and did not notice any anomalies, check the next fix.

Fix 2: Power cycle your Sceptre TV

While the professional name for the process is “power cycle,” it is more commonly known as “hard reset.” It just means pulling out your TV’s power cable from the socket and leaving it for a while before switching it on. As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons why your Sceptre TV may be having sound problems is a software glitch.

If this is the case, a simple hard reset process should help your Sceptre TV overcome the glitch and start working normally. Here is how to power cycle your Sceptre TV in steps:

Step 1: Switch on your TV then switch it off using the remote control.

Step 2: Pull out the power cable from the socket or any other power source that it is connected to.

Step 3: Leave the TV to rest for between two to three minutes.

Step 4: Plug the power cable back into the power source.

Step 5: Switch on the TV.

Step 6: Test it for sound.

We suggest that you should power cycle every other device that is connected to your TV. This includes your external sound system, cable box, and any other feed source. Once you complete this process, the sound issue should be resolved if it is a software glitch challenge. If not, try out the next recommendation.

Fix 3: Download the latest firmware

Another reason why your Sceptre TV may be having sound problems is that the firmware is outdated. When this is the case, you need to download and install the latest firmware for the problem to be solved. How do you check for and download the latest firmware for your Sceptre TV? Take the following steps:

Step 1: Pick up your remote control and click on “OK.”

Step 2: Scroll down the list of options and select “User Preferences.”

Step 3: Select “About” from the list of options.

Step 4: Select “System update” on the next page of options.

Step 5: Your action in Step 4 will lead you to a new screen to check if there is a new firmware for your Sceptre TV. If there is a new update, download and install it.

Step 6: Test your Sceptre TV for sound.

By now, the problem should be solved. If it isn’t, then you should consider the next option.

Fix 4: Check your connections

Sometimes, the source of your Sceptre TV sound problems is poor connections or faulty cables. Check your connections to be sure that all the cables are in the right position. Doing this is very important if you connected your TV to external audio devices or an external feed. Check the settings on the TV to be sure that you chose the right audio output port as well. If everything is in order, try the next option.

Fix 5: Reset audio settings

There is a possibility that you fiddled with the audio settings of your TV. As a result, the TV is no longer producing sound. You can easily solve this problem by resetting your audio settings. Pick up your remote and press OK then go to audio settings. Now, select default settings to return your audio settings to the original manufacturer’s settings.

Fix 6: Factory reset

If you have tried all the options above to no avail, your last option is to carry out a factory reset. A factory reset restores your TV to the manufacturer’s settings. So every custom setting that you have will be lost. You will also lose any files stored on the TV. After carrying out a factory reset, your Sceptre TV is as good as new internally. If the problem persists at this point, you need to seek professional help. Reach out to the company’s customer service outlet closest to you to place a complaint.