Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix

Roku Incorporated is a United States technology company that offers streaming media content and online services. It has collaborated with Smart TV manufacturers like TCL, Hisense, Toshiba, and Sharp among others to provide its operating system and subscription to users globally.

Sharp devices are widely trusted for their affordability and impressive audio and visual quality. These TVs loaded with Rokus OS come with a special remote control built for their operability.

Issues could arise when using the remote control for your Sharp Roku TV; hence, this article offers some ways to deal with any potential problems.

sharp roku tv remote not working

Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working: How To Fix The Problem

When your Sharp Roku TV remote does not work as it should, the problem could be from the batteries, the TV set, the remote device, or other sources. To diagnose the problem and resolve it, kindly follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the batteries

The first thing to check should always be the batteries. Once your remote is not working properly, you should check the batteries. They may be weak and require a replacement; but if they are the rechargeable type, they must be charged. If, after fixing this and your remote is still not functioning correctly, you can consider the next step.

  • Clean your remote

You can clean it with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to remove foreign objects stuck around the buttons and that prevent them from working. It might just be dirt that is stopping your remote controls from working correctly.

  • Restart your Sharp Roku TV

You could do this before you change the batteries of your remote or after you change the batteries. If you restart your Sharp Roku TV before you change the batteries and the remote does not still work, try another restart of your TV after changing the batteries in your remote. If restarting before or after changing your batteries does not help, then we have more solutions to try.

  • Re-pair your Sharp Roku TV

The remote may not work if it is not paired correctly to your TV. To resolve this, press down on your pairing button for a while till the pairing setup appears on your screen and then follow the instructions to pair it.  Once you successfully pair it, your remote should work optimally; however, if your remote does not bring up the pairing setup after changing the batteries, then you must restart your TV or even hold down the pairing button for some minutes. But if this does not help, you would need to move on to the next step.

  • Update your Roku OS

If all the earlier stated solutions have failed, then you may need to try updating your Roku TV. To do this, you need to use the TV’s buttons to access the settings option or download the Roku App on your phone and use your device as a remote. Once you access it, move over to the advanced options. Here you should find the information on your software version and an update option. Select the update option to update your Roku firmware. Depending on connectivity, it might take a while. However, once the firmware is updated, your remote ought to start working correctly again.

  • Reset your TV

There is a slim chance that after taking all these steps, your remote might still not function. This problem might be due to an error somewhere in the settings and setup. To solve this, you should use the buttons on the TV or your phone if they function as a remote to reset to the default or factory settings. This step should help correct any more errors and ensure the proper functioning of your remote.

  • Contact Technical support

If, after all these, your remote is still not working, then you would need the assistance of an authorized technician from any authorized Sharp outlet to help with your Sharp Roku TV. Your remote might need to be fixed or replaced; and to avoid voiding your warranty, only an authorized technician should be allowed to work on it.


There are several reasons why your Sharp Roku TV remote might not function appropriately; however, hitting the remote might not be the best solution. Instead, try the various troubleshooting options listed above. If they fail, kindly contact a support center for further assistance.