Smok Novo 2 Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

Smok is one of the leading vape brands in the industry and one of its top picks is the Novo. There is the Novo model and then a Novo 2 model, both with distinct features, however, a Smok Novo not charging problem could have the same fixes be the same for both models.

smok novo not charging

Smok Novo 2 Not Charging: Likely Causes & How to Fix

If your Smok Novo is not charging, there are many reasons for that, it could be due to a charging cable problem, or you might have a defective charging port. Right here, we have explained why these problems occur and how to fix them. You should also be able to prolong the life of the battery and prevent future charging problems after reading this guide.

Check the Charging Cable

When it comes to Smok Novo charging problems, it is usual]y due to a problem with the charging cable. If you notice that your device isn’t charging, you might want to check the charging cable for damages. Check for fraying and inspect the connector head for any signs of damage. If there is none, it could be that the USB cable wasn’t plugged properly. Try re-plugging the cable to see if it works.

If it doesn’t then you might want to try another cable. If your other cable can’t charge the device, you might want to test it with another device. Try charging your phone. If this works, then the port might need some fixing. However, if the USB cable is unable to charge your phone, then getting a new USB cable will solve the problem.

Check the Charging Port

If switching USB cables doesn’t solve the problem, then you would want to take a look at the charging port. Sometimes, it could be that the charging port is clogged with debris and will need some cleaning. You could use a small toothpick to clear it of any debris and blow into the charging port continuously.

Before you start cleaning, you might want to inspect the charging port for damage. If any of the connector pins are bent, then you might be dealing with a damaged charging port. You might have to take the device for repairs or save up for a new one. If the charging port is in good condition and cleaning it doesn’t work, try using some rubbing alcohol to clean the port from inside. Ensure that the device is completely dry before you try charging again. If this doesn’t work, then replacing the charging port should be the next option.

How to Solve SMOK Novo Leaking Problem

Leaking is pretty common with the Smok Novo, especially when you’re not using it properly. If you notice that the Smok Novo is leaking, don’t panic. It is a common issue with vaping devices and can easily be solved. The Smok Novo comes with a top refilling tank to prevent spill, however, vape juice can still leak from the air vents and other openings. There are several reasons to this as well as fixes that you can apply.

Cracked Plastic

This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re very careful with the Smok Novo but if you ever dropped the vape kit or you kept in your pocket and got bumped around a lot, it is possible that the plastic has been broken which will cause the Smok Novo to leak. Keep in mind that you do not have to see a crack to confirm that it leaking. If you notice that the leak is coming from near the top or sides of the pod, it could mean that the plastic has been cracked.

Over Filing

While the Smok Novo comes with a top refilling tank to prevent leaking and spilling, overfilling the tank will cause the device to leak. When filling the tank, you should watch the max fill line. Do not go beyond the max fill line or the device will leak out when in use.

Silicone Stopper Missing or Not Properly Sealed

The Smok Novo will leak if the seals are not tight. To ensure this doesn’t happen, always screw the sections of the tank, o-gins and glass pieces tightly to prevent leaking. In some cases, the silicone stopper could be missing completely. Check if the silicone stopper is properly sealed or missing and seal it.

Device Sitting For A While

You won’t always want to use your vaping device but leaving it sitting for too long could compromise the device. Avoid storing the vaping device filled with e-liquid. If you do this, the e-liquid will saturate the coil and begin to leak. If you’re not planning on using the device for 24 hours or more, then you should empty all the e-liquid.

Flying / Increased Pressure:

If you’re flying on a plane or travelling up a large mountain, you might want to keep your vape at home. The increased pressure of flying could make the Smok Novo to leak. It is best to empty the device before traveling or better still, go without it.

Over Heating

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. You might be left with several problems if your Smok Novo overheats. This could occur if you leave the vape in a vehicle in the heat of the summer. A leaking problem is most common, especially if you have a full pod. This could cause the e-liquid to expand and push out through the airflow holes or o-rings.


Just like overheating, your Smok Novo could leak when the temperature falls below zero. Vaping devices like the Smok Novo have an ideal temperature of +10 to +25 degree Celsius. Anything below that and the plastic parts of the device will become brittle and possibly break under freezing temperatures.

Final Thoughts

If you notice that your Smok Novo is still unable to charge after trying these fixes, then you might be dealing with a faulty battery. If that is the case, then saving up for a new vape device is the best solution. Ensure you’ve tried the fixes in this article correctly before going with this option.