Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working: How to Fix

Smart TVs are a blessing to us, especially Sony’s quality line of Bravia TVs. They’ve given us a chance to do so much more with the tube. They’ve taken the world of the internet and used it to power the television in our living rooms. Still, as with all things smart, glitches and other problems can pop up anytime.

A quick reset usually solves this. But what do you do when you’ve tried to do a factory reset and failed. We’ll talk about that in a minute. Before then, let’s consider why you were unable to do a factory reset in the first place.

sony bravia factory reset not working

Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working: Likely Causes

Some people can’t do a factory reset of their Sony Bravia TV because they failed to complete a software update. Updates are a good thing since they help to keep your unit in good working condition. They may take a long time to complete though. It is easy to get impatient and switch off your TV or even try to use the TV while the installation is in progress. This can make your television start acting up and make it impossible to do a factory reset to correct the problem.

It’s also possible that you did a software update on your smart TV and it came with a bug that brought about all your issues. Some updates are problematic. They might be useful in some ways, but they can do more harm than good.

Another reason your factory reset doesn’t work might be the presence of a virus in your device’s operating system. A lot of people know that they can protect their smartphone and PC with antivirus or internet security software. These same people hardly think about protecting their smart TVs from malware. It’s important to remember that any device that is connected to the internet is exposed to online attacks.

When a computer is infected by a virus, it begins to malfunction. Normal tasks become difficult to carry out. You may notice everything feels like it’s in slow mode. There’s also a very real danger that hackers can gain access to devices like your phone and laptop that are linked to your smart TV. So, how do you solve this reset problem?

How to Fix The “factory reset not working” Problem on Your Sony Bravia 

To fix it, you can try a hard reset. If the normal factory reset found in your device’s settings is not functional, a hard reset might do the trick. This is how to go about it: Look for the power button on your smart TV. You will find it somewhere at the back of the unit.

Disconnect the smart TV from the power source. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time and simultaneously reconnect the TV to power. Keep pressing the two buttons until you see a green light appear on the face of the TV or until you see the Sony logo on the screen. As soon you see the light or the logo, let go of the power button and the volume down button. Your device should begin a factory reset at this point.

This reset will restore your TV to brand-new status – all the software changes will be reversed and that should solve your problem.

Still, there is another way to go about it. It has to do with going to the Sony website. No, you’re not going to search for solutions to the problem. All you’ll do is look for your exact Sony Bravia model and download the zip file update for it.

Get a USB flash drive with a capacity of between 2GB and 8GB in FAT32 format. Erase everything on the drive by formatting it and prepare to save the downloaded file on the flash drive. But before you save it, unzip the file. It should be a .pkg file at this point. Next, copy the file directly into the flash drive. Don’t copy it into any folder, just copy it straight into the thumb drive.

Switch on the TV and insert the thumb drive into it. This is the time to wait for a while – 30 minutes should be enough. This amount of time will be enough for your smart TV to detect the file in the flash drive, copy it, and install it within itself.

You may need to restart your TV again and again before it returns to normal. At the right moment, your device will tell you that it’s time to take out the thumb drive. Do it.

Getting stuck with the factory reset function not working may not be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Still, it’s right among them. You’ve probably had to do a factory reset on your other devices. Maybe it was a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. A reset can wipe away years of mistakes and give you a clean slate to start afresh.

A word of caution: Doing a factory reset will make you lose all your settings and log you out of all apps. You must be ready to reapply your settings and also have the usernames and passwords of all your apps handy. If you can’t remember your log-in details and your settings, your best option is to reset your passwords and create new settings.

At the end of the day, you and your friends and family should be all set to continue enjoying the Sony Bravia experience. The surround sound, 4K picture, and slim design are some of the most attractive features you can get in a modern smart TV. A reset won’t change that.

All of the exquisiteness, uniqueness, and style come in a one-of-a-kind package. It is not for the ordinary person. Only a person with good taste and an appetite for the grand can fully appreciate what is before them.

When you think about it carefully, you’ll agree with me that something as insignificant as a factory reset cannot spoil the enjoyment of this piece of art.