Sony Bravia Not Connecting to WiFi: How to Fix

Asides from showing clear images, the Sony Bravia can use the Internet. But before it can perform this task, you will have to connect it to a WiFi network.

Although it works well with WiFi networks, the Sony Bravia might have some connection issues. As a result, you might not enjoy the browsing experience on the TV.

There are different ways that you can fix a Sony TV with WiFi issues. If you check through this article, you will find these solutions and use them to get the best browsing experience on the TV.

sony bravia not connecting to wifi

Sony Bravia Not Connecting to WiFi: How to Fix

Now here are some of the best ways to fix the WiFi option on your Sony TV. But before using our guide, you should check the owner manual of the product.

1. Try a Power Reset on the TV

A power reset can help solve various problems on most TVs. As a result, it comes as a perfect way to fix any WiFi issues on the Sony Bravia.

It doesn’t require much to perform this reset. All you have to do is use the following steps:

  • Unplug the TV from its power source
  • Leave the TV unplugged for 60 seconds
  • Replug the TV and check its WiFi connection

2. Try a Power Reset on the Router

Asides from the TV, you can also reset the router that provides the WiFi signals. To get the best results:

  • Unplug the router from its power source.
  • Allow it to stay unplugged for 60 seconds
  • Replug the TV and check the data connection

3. Get the Best Signals

To get a reliable connection, try to get remove any devices that might cause any problems. These gadgets include microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and other devices that can transmit radio signals.

You can increase your signal strength by maintaining a maximum distance of 25 feet between the TV and router. Also, ensure that you connect each device without any obstacles between them.

4. Get the Password

Before you can access a secure connection with your TV, it is advised that you use the right password. Supposing you don’t have the correct code, you will not be able to connect the Sony Bravia TV with a WiFi network.

5. Focus on Your Connection

Do you have a reliable data connection? Are the signals strong enough to play content on your Bravia TV? If not, then you should look at the status of your Wifi network with the following steps:

  • Hit the Home Button – Settings – Network Setup – Setup Network Connection – Custom – Wireless Setup
  • Ensure the Internet Access is set to OK while the Wireless Device is set to OK.
  • Confirm if the Network SSID displays the name of your wireless router
  • Check if your WiFi signal is strong. Supposing you notice a dash, then your signal will not offer the best connection.

6. Update the Software

As you look for ways to fix your Sony TV, it would help if you tried a software update. When it comes down to it, performing this task helps remove any WiFi issues. You can reach the Sony Customer Support service for the best ways to install an update.

7. Check Your Subscription

As soon as your data subscription expires, you cannot access your WiFi network via your Bravia TV. As a result, you might think that your TV has issues.

Before taking your TV for repairs, confirm if your data subscription is still active. If your plan has expired, subscribe to a new one and try another connection with your Sony TV.

8. Reduce the Load

When the WiFi network is loaded with too many devices, it tends to become slower. If you hook up your TV to this network, you might think that you have a connection problem. To deal with this problem, simply disconnect the excess devices and test the TV.

7. Get Some Technical Assistance

If you still having connection issues with your Sony TV, then it might be time to get some repairs. For the best results, you should make a complaint to Sony Customer Support. You can reach this service via email, telephone, or the Sony Support App.

8. Get a New TV

If repairs do not solve your WiFi issues, you might have to get a new Sony Bravia TV. This product can be found at trusted online or offline stores. Besides, there are more affordable options sold as fairly used Sony Bravia TV.