Sony Bravia TV Sound Problems & Fixes

Sony is among the biggest manufacturers of electronics worldwide. This company produces a wide range of electronics including television sets. One of the TV product lines from Sony is the Sony Bravia TV. This product quickly gained popularity because of the high picture and sound quality that it offers.

While the Sony Bravia is an amazing product, it isn’t void of its challenges. One such challenge is sound problems even though they are quite uncommon. What do you do when you have Sony Bravia TV sound issues? Continue reading this post to learn about possible Sony Bravia TV sound problems and their fixes.

sony tv sound problems

Sony Bravia TV Sound Problems & DIY Fixes

Have you switched on your Sony Bravia TV to see your favorite sports team play or the latest movie but there is no sound? This type of situation is beyond frustrating and annoying, it is also embarrassing if you have a guest around.

Two main sound problems affect the Sony Bravia TV. They include:

  • No sound.
  • Volume adjustment issues.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, there are a few simple DIY fixes that you can employ. We will show you some of them in this section.

Check for mute or reduced volume

If you have just switched on your TV and there are images on the screen but no sound, here’s the first thing to do. Pick up your remote and check that you haven’t muted the TV sound or dropped it to the lowest. How do you find out?

Tap on the mute button on the remote. If there is no sound, tap the button a second time. By now, there should be some sound otherwise, check the volume of the TV. Try increasing the volume from the remote. If there is still no sound, then you should consider the next method.

Run a hard reset

This process is also known as a “power cycle.” It simply refers to unplugging your TV from the socket while it is on. Most times when your TV encounters such sound problems, it is just a software glitch. Performing a hard reset helps to deal with the glitch as well as other possible intermittent problems.

Simply switch on your TV and unplug the power cable from the socket. Leave the TV to rest for about a minute and then plug it back into power and switch it on. We suggest that you run the same process for all your peripherals like a cable box and external audio devices. Reboot all the devices then test your TV for sound. If the TV is still not producing sound, try the next DIY fix.

Adjust Sound Settings

It is not uncommon for you or someone in your house to mistakenly adjust the TV audio settings. So when your TV is not producing sound or it has volume adjustment issues, it is likely that you have the wrong audio settings. Once you fix the sound settings, the sound returns to normal.

The first thing you need to do is to check that your remote control is working normally. To find out, try increasing the volume of the TV through the remote. If it is working, tap on the “Menu” button and go to the “Audio Settings.” We suggest that you restore the audio settings to the default settings. After you do this, check the TV for sound. If it doesn’t produce any sound, then you can consider the next recommendation.

Check your cables and external devices

One of the possible causes of your “no sound” issue on your Sony Bravia may be cables. If you are sourcing your feed from an external device or you have an external audio device connected, this may be the problem.

You need to carry out a thorough inspection of your feed sources to be sure that they are not the cause of the problem. Disconnect your cable box and connect another feed source then test your TV for sound. If this doesn’t work, try checking all your cables to be sure that they are properly connected. You can disconnect and reconnect them just to be sure. If you don’t still have sound, try the next recommendation.

Check that you are using the right output

As we mentioned above, your audio settings may be the reason why you aren’t getting sound from your Bravia. One of the things that you can do is to check that you are using the right output. If you don’t select the right output in the settings, you wouldn’t get any sound from your TV.

Check the connection of your external audio device. Now check your audio settings to be sure that you chose the right port. For example, if you connected an external sound system, you shouldn’t leave your settings on internal speakers. Make the necessary adjustments and test your TV for sound again.

Restore to Factory Settings

If you have tried all the options above to no avail, you should consider using this option. By restoring the TV to factory settings, you can get rid of all your previous settings. This process comes in handy when you have tried all you can to fix the problem.

To restore your Sony Bravia TV to factory settings, take the following steps:

Step 1: Press “Home” on your remote control.

Step 2: Tap on “Settings” then select “Storage and Reset.”

Step 3: Go through the list of options and select “Factory Data Reset.”

Once you do this, you will erase everything on your Bravia and restore the TV to its default settings. It is expected that all the sound functions will return normal as if your TV was brand new. If you do this and the TV doesn’t still produce sound, you are left with one option. You need to reach out to the Sony Customer Service Support closest to you to submit a complaint.