Sony Headphones Not Connecting: How to Fix

There are many reasons why people love a pair of Sony headphones. Asides from offering great audio, these gadgets can connect to different devices with ease.

However, these headphones are not always perfect. According to some users, the Sony headphones might not pair with their preferred PCs or mobile devices.

As expected, this experience can be frustrating. But with some hacks, it is possible to solve any connection problems with the Sony headphones.

Are you having any pairing issues with these Sony devices? If yes, then you can use this article as a guide for solving the problem.

sony headphones not connecting

Sony Headphones Not Connecting? Try These Fixes

Now here are some of the possible ways of fixing a poor connection between the headphones and other devices.

1. Keep the Headphones in Pairing Mode

Before a set of Sony headphones can connect to a device, it should be set in pairing mode. To perform this task, you will have to hold the Power button for seven seconds. As you use this method, make sure that they are no other Bluetooth devices beside you.

2. Use the Correct Range

As with most Bluetooth headphones, the Sony models can work within a certain distance. If the space between the headphones and the PC/smartphone exceeds this range, then you might not be able to connect both devices.

For this reason, it is advised that you use the headphones close to the preferred device. Then try to pair both devices and check the connection.

3. Take Out Any Obstructions

Objects such as phones, power cables, microwaves, and wireless speakers tend to interfere with the connection between the headphones and other devices. For this reason, it is advised that you remove such items from the area where you will be using the headphones. If it is not possible, you should at least maintain some distance from these obstacles.

4. Disconnect the Headphones

If you still have issues with pairing your Sony headphones, you should unpair the headphones from the connected device. Then repeat the pairing process and test the headphones.

5. Work on the Bluetooth Module

Sony headphones might be great with the macOS. But if there are any pairing issues between both devices, you might have to work on the Bluetooth module of the PC.

For the latest macOS versions, you can use the following steps to fix its Bluetooth module:

  • Launch Terminal
  • Input the words “sudo pkill bluetoothd”
  • Hit Return and input your password
  • Finish the Reset process

6. Use the Run Command

Supposing you work on a Windows PC, you can use the Run command to fix any pairing problems with the headphones. To get the best results, use the following steps :

  • Hit the Windows + R key
  • Input services.msc into the provided space and click Enter
  • Search for Bluetooth Support Services and click on the results
  • Change the Startup type to Automatic
  • Restart the service

7. Check the Connection

Before pairing your headphones to a PC or smartphone, make sure that it’s not joined to another device. When it comes down to it, a set of Sony headphones cannot connect with two devices at the same time.

Supposing the headphones are already connected, simply unpair them from the current device. Then pair them with your preferred PC/smartphone.

8. Reset Your PC

If you cannot connect your computer with the Sony headphones, then you might have to perform a full reset. As it might be technical for some users, it would help if you reached out to a professional to help with this hack.

9. Get Repairs

As the issue lingers, you should take the PC/mobile device and Sony headphones to a professional. With this individual, you can fix any possible hardware issues that might result in a poor Bluetooth connection.

How to Connect Sony Earphones

There is nothing much to connecting Sony headphones. With the following lines, we will show you how to connect Sony earbuds to different devices.

a. On Android devices

  • Remove the left earbud from the case and place it in pairing mode.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth on your Android device.
  • Select the Sony headphones from the list of available devices.

b. On iOS devices

  • Remove the left earbud from the case and place it in pairing mode.
  • Go to Settings and switch on the Bluetooth.
  • Scan through the “Other Devices” and choose the Sony headphones from the list.

Tips for Connecting Your Sony Headphones

Now here are some tips that can help enhance the connection between the Sony headphones and other devices.

  • Ensure that both devices are properly charged before attempting a Bluetooth connection.
  • Consult the owner’s manual of your Sony headphones
  • Maintain a distance of 3m between the headphones and the device.