Sony Laptop Keyboard Not Working: How to Fix

For its many users, a Sony laptop is a great tool for work or play. Asides from offering many features, this item comes with a good keyboard.

But as time passes, the keyboard might not work as expected. Although it looks like a tough problem, there are easy ways to fix it. In this article, we have listed some of these solutions to fix the faulty Sony keyboard.

sony laptop keyboard not working

Sony Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Try These Fixes

Are you looking for a quick fix for your Sony laptop keyboard? If yes, you can pick any of the following tips for solving the problem.

1. Make Sure that Keyboard is Enabled

Before taking your laptop for repairs, it would help if you checked the status of your laptop. For this task, you will have to use the Device Manager on the system.

  • Hit the Windows Logo + X key to open a list on your screen
  • Scroll through the list and click on Device Manager – Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Check for the “Device is the Working” message

2. Get Within Range

If you are using a Sony laptop model such as the Vaio Tap 11, you will have to keep the device close to its keyboard. With this in mind, you should at least maintain a distance within 50 cm. Supposing, you exceed this range, you might have issues with using the keyboard.

3. Charge the Keyboard

Some Sony laptops include keyboards with batteries. As expected, these accessories will have to be charged from time to time.

To perform this task, you will have to attach the laptop to the keyboard. Then leave the devices until the charging indicator goes off.

4. Perform a Reboot

If your Sony laptop keyboard still has issues, then you could try to use a reboot. For the best results, you can use the following steps:-

  • Shut down the laptop.
  • Disconnect the adapter from the computer
  • Take out the battery pack.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.
  • Insert the battery and adapter back into the laptop.
  • Reboot the laptop and confirm if the keyboard works.

5. Use Safe Mode

Have you tried using Safe Mode to solve any issues with your laptop? If not, then now is the time to test this hack. After all, this method can help you determine the source of the fault on the laptop.

You can activate Safe Mode with the following steps:

  • Click on the Settings (Gear) icon on your laptop screen
  • Click on Change PC Settings – Click General – Restart Now
  • Choose Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Startup Settings – Restart
  • Click Startup Settings and press the number 4 key to activate Safe Mode
  • Wait for the computer to boot in Safe Mode
  • Remove all the third-party keyboard software from the laptop
  • Test the keyboard

6. Update the Drivers

Getting the latest keyboard drivers is ideal for keeping the Sony laptop keyboard in top shape. So if you notice any problems with the keyboard, try the following steps:

  • Press the Windows + X key
  • Choose the Device Manager
  • Click the Keyboard icon
  • Right-click on Keyboard driver – Update Driver Software
  • Restart the computer and confirm if the keyboard is working

7. Take Out the Dirt

Cleaning the keyboard might serve as a weird way of dealing with the issue. But if done properly, this method should restore your laptop to working order.

  • Switch off your Sony PC
  • Open the screen and hold the device upside down
  • Gently shake the laptop whilst running your fingers over the keys to remove any dirt.
  • Place the laptop on your workstation
  • Switch on the laptop and ensure the keyboard works

8. Time for Repairs

Using any of our suggestions should improve the performance of your keyboard. But if you still have issues, you will have to send the PC to a professional for repairs

You can reach out to Sony Customer service to schedule an appointment for getting the laptop fixed. Supposing the issue is covered by a warranty, you can enjoy this service for free.

How to Care for Your Sony Keyboard

Here are some of the best ways that you can make your Sony laptop keyboard last longer.

a. Clean the Keyboard

Extend your keyboard life by removing any dirt that lies under the buttons. If you are afraid of causing any damage to the keys, you can request a cleaning service from your PC technician.

b. Do Not Use Force on the Keyboard

As you use the keyboard for business or play, press the keys gently. If you spend hours smashing the keys, they might end up with a faulty keyboard.

c. Keep Liquids from the Keyboard

As liquids can damage the keyboard, it would be a bad idea to clean it with water or other solvents. Instead of using any liquid, settle for any of the commercial laptop cleaners in the stores. These cleaning agents can be found across many online or physical stores.

d. Get an External Laptop

If you are a heavy gamer or spend hours with documents, you might have to get an external keyboard. After all, this accessory reduces the workload on the keyboard that comes with your Sony laptop. As you pick an external keyboard, look for something that meets your preferences.