Sony TV Volume Not Working: How to Fix

For many years, Sony has built some of the best TVs in the market. After all, these devices offer features including incredible sound.

As you watch a Sony TV, the volume might go off. But there are several ways that you can deal with this problem.

If you are not sure about the steps for fixing the audio on a Sony TV, you can check this guide. As expected, this article has the ideal steps for fixing the problem.

sony tv volume not working

Sony TV Volume Not Working? Try These Fixes

Here are the various ideas for dealing with a Sony TV that does not have any sound. But before using our guide, consult the owner’s manual of the TV.

1. Take Out the Headphones

As with most TVs, the Sony TV allows you to plug in headphones. If connected properly, you can enjoy the audio that comes with the content. But if you forget to take out the headphones, the TV will not offer any sound from its speakers.

If you are faced with the scenario, take out the headphones from the TV. Supposing the TV stays silent, then you will try another hack.

2. Check the Volume

Is your TV still silent? If yes, then the problem might be from the audio settings on the TV.

With this in mind, grab the remote and increase the volume. If you can’t notice any changes, you should pick another hack.

3. Disconnect All the Accessories

Unplug any devices that might be connected to your TV. Then wait for a few minutes for the volume to increase. As soon as the sound gets back, you can connect the devices back to the TV.

4. Switch Off the Mute Function

When activated, the Mute function stops your Sony TV from making any sound. If you didn’t make this setting, you might think that your Sony TV has an audio problem.

Before using this tip, ensure that the TV is in Mute mode. You can get the right steps for both tasks from the Sony TV manual.

5. Try a Power Reboot

Before heading to the store for repairs, you should perform a reboot on your Sony TV. When it comes down to it, this hack might clear any glitches that might prevent the TV from producing sound.

To perform a reset on your Sony TV:

  • Disconnect any USB devices from the TV
  • Point the remote towards the television and hold the Power button.
  • Wait for the TV to restart automatically

6. Turn Off the Center Speaker

If you use the TV in center speaker mode, you will enjoy richer sounds from the connected audio system. However, this setting might affect the volume of the TV itself. With this in mind, it is advised that you switch off the TV center mode on your Sony TV.

7. Take Out the Plug

A quick restart should also resolve any volume issues that you might have on your Sony TV.  If you want to use this method, simply remove the plug from the wall for a few minutes. Then replug the TV and increase the volume of the TV.

8. Adjust the MTS Settings

Check if the MTS Settings are set to Mono or Stereo. If it’s set at Stereo, then playing content from non-stereo devices can result in a loss in audio. You can solve this issue by making adjustments to the source device. Besides, you can swap this device for something that supports stereo content.

9. Reach Out to the Sony Customer Service

Supposing our ideas do not work with your Sony TV, you might have to reach out to Sony Customer Service for repairs. Asides from providing great advice for fixing the volume on your TV, the service offers repair services for such problems. As expected, you can access this platform via mail or telephone.

10. Pick a New TV

If everything fails, then it might be time to swap your current Sony TV for a new unit. You can get one from any trusted store or online marketplace. Normally, this product comes with a warranty.

How to Fix Other Sound Issues on Sony Smart TVs

Now here are some extra tips that can help you deal with other sound issues that may occur as you use a streaming app.

a. Relaunch the App

If your streaming app does not offer any audio on your TV, it would help if you exited the app. Then enter the app and check the volume.

b. Update the Software

Older software comes with different problems including volume issues. For this reason, it is advised that you update your streaming app to the latest version.

c. Reset the Streaming App

After resetting the app on your TV, you should be able to increase its volume. You can use the following steps to perform this task:

  • Launch the Settings menu
  • Scroll to Apps
  • Choose the streaming app
  • Pick Clear Data
  • Pick Clear Cache
  • Choose Force Stop
  • Relaunch the app


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